The Ministry of Finance proposed a new method to reduce the number of business inspections

The Finance Ministry proposes to exempt from scheduled inspections of the company, if they checked out the plan. Such an amendment, the Ministry plans to bring in rules of drawing up of the annual plan of inspections of the business. A draft government resolution published on the portal of projects of normative acts.

Under current law, tax inspections are held every three years, and for companies operating in the areas of health, education, social sphere, heat and electricity — at least twice in three years. During scheduled inspections the Supervisory authorities will check compliance with legislation in a particular area in General, and the extraordinary is conducted for admission to institutions of control and supervision messages of a specific breach on the part of business. Excluded from the plan of scheduled inspections of companies and individual entrepreneurs that are liquidated or reorganized, discontinued operation of hazardous production facilities, as well as if you change the hazard class of the inspected object occurred or force majeure. In 2016-2018 plan should also be excluded small business within the three-year moratorium on testing announced by President Vladimir Putin.

This list is exhaustive, but it does not take into account all the circumstances which arise in practice, it is told in explanatory documents to the draft resolution. In particular, there is no need for routine testing companies and entrepreneurs that have already been tested in ad-hoc basis, according to the Ministry of Finance.

It is assumed that changes can take effect from September this year.

The number of inspections of business grows

The growing number of inspections of business recognized as business associations and officials. In the last two years verification business smoothly flow from the plan in the unplanned, stated in an interview with in March, first Vice-President “Support of Russia” Vladislav Korochkin. “Where we downsized the plans, they immediately grow out of the plan”, — complained in February, Deputy economic development Minister Oleg Fomichev. According to the official, the Ministry of economic development included in the anti-crisis plan of the government item about reducing the number of unscheduled inspections of small and medium business by 30% in 2017, but in the final version of the plan approved by the government on 1 March, this item was not.

Business organizations are not the first to insist on the reduction of the number of annual inspections at least twice, says a member of the General Council of “Business Russia” Michael Rosenfeld. But the current initiative of the Ministry of Finance seriously the situation for business will not improve, he said. Each Supervisory authority has its own audit plan, and conduct unscheduled inspections in one Department cancels activity on the part of other agencies, indicates Rosenfeld. “That is unscheduled if I checked out one Agency, and then canceled a planned test, it does not mean that there will be scheduled inspections from other agencies,” says the source . The initiative of the Ministry of Finance could seriously change the situation, if in Russia there was a single office supervisors, but this is not, says Rosenfeld. In addition, in Russia there is no unified register of business requirements during the inspections, because it is impossible to answer the question, what test business difficult to survive planned or unplanned: entrepreneurs never know what they will require inspection, said the source .

Active relying

In 2015, the regulatory authorities have conducted a total of 1,994 million checks — 8% less than in 2014 (when the business checked out of 2.17 million times), while the number of unscheduled inspections, which the business sees as one of the tools pressure, decreased by about 100 thousand (to 1.32 million), but their share has grown from 65% to 66%, followed from the message of the Prosecutor General in response to the March request. The statistics of the Ministry of economic development, granted in the same month, confirmed the increase in the share of unscheduled inspections: in 2013 unscheduled accounted for 49% of all inspections, while in 2014 it jumped to 56%, and last year reached 59%. In 2015 824 thousand planned inspections had 1 million 180 thousand unplanned events (excluding municipal audits), reported the representative of the Minister Elena Lashkina. From the beginning of 2016, when he began to act the President announced a three-year moratorium on planned inspections of small businesses, unscheduled and does grow in arithmetic progression”, said in late January, the head of “OPORA Russia”, representing interests of small businesses, Alexander Kalinin.

Leaders in the number of inspections in 2015 was the CPS and MOE, which share accounted for almost 33% of all the tests mentioned in the answer of the Prosecutor General . According to the Ministry, the MOE spent about 395 thousand checks, and the CPS — 266 CPS and MOE often other agencies contact the Prosecutor’s office for the coordination of unscheduled inspections, should the response of the Prosecutor General. These agencies have always been at the head of the list because they have the most control objects, said Vladislav Korochkin. MOE checks almost every object, every building, basically we are talking about fire safety, but sometimes the control over dangerous production objects, he explains. The CPS is responsible for all kinds of consumption: non-food consumption, foodservice outlets, schools, hospitals, protection of the rights of consumers, sanitary condition of work places and areas listed the source .