The Syrian army lost control of a key town in Latakia

Syrian rebels repelled government troops from the army a strategically important town in the province of Latakia — Kasaba. About it reports Reuters with reference to the London-based Syrian Observatory for human rights.

The army of Bashar al-Assad took control of Nensabo in February of this year, with the support of Russian aviation. A city located near the Turkish border and the altitude in the highlands was a stronghold of the Syrian rebels, recalls the human rights organization.

Among the seized Kansau and is recognized in Russia, the banned terrorist group “Frente al-Nusra”, Reuters reports. In a statement issued via the Internet, “Front EN-Nusra” reported that he was in the Alliance of Islamist rebel groups seized Kansau and other small settlements, as well as neskolko tanks and artillery.

Latakia province is bordered by the province of Idlib, which is a stronghold of a number of Syrian rebel groups, including the al-Nusra Front”.

In parallel, another Syrian province of Aleppo, the al-Nusra Front” and other groups are actively fighting against government forces, Reuters reports.