Turkish Airlines return money for tickets because of the terrorist attack in Istanbul

After the terrorist attack at the airport Ataturk in Istanbul, the airport was closed for arrivals and departures on Tuesday evening, 28 June, Turkish Airlines announced the intention to compensate its passengers the cost of the tickets to Istanbul and back. The offer is valid for flights on 5 July inclusive, the report said that the airline sent its counterparties (have a copy). Information is also available on the official website of the airline.

If the passenger wants to return the ticket, the refund will be made without any deductions, indicating the airline. Turkish Airlines also are ready to transfer tickets to Istanbul on any date until July 31, or exchanged for a different route.

Turkish Airlines flies to Istanbul from Moscow and nine cities of Russia, said the representative of the airline. According to her, the airline operates 56 flights to Istanbul (one way). The airport of Istanbul, where on the evening of 28 June, of three explosions, resumed their work at 6 am Moscow time on Wednesday, she added. As of 11.30 a.m. Moscow time, the airline has canceled about 300 of its flights to Istanbul and from around the world, said a representative of the airline. According to her, Turkish Airlines is willing to refund the cost of tickets for flights to Istanbul until July 5 for any passengers worldwide.

At an average cost of flight in economy class is 18 thousand RUB back and forth in case of processing returns of all the passengers, only the cities of the Russian losses of Turkish airlines in seven days can reach about 180 million rubles., estimated by CEO aviabiletov Agency Pososhok.ru Cyril faminskii. “But, as a rule, in such situations, the number of returns exceeds 10%,” he says. Therefore, the actual loss could be only about 18 million rubles (representative of Turkish Airlines is not commenting).

Wednesday morning Aeroflot also announced the cancellation of three flights to Istanbul. Passengers on these flights can take the tickets or to reschedule the date of departure on a later number without penalty, said in a statement on the website of the airline. Aeroflot flies to Istanbul on the Airbus A320-200 with a capacity of 150 seats in economy class and with the average price of 17 thousand rubles, said faminskii. It is estimated that the theoretical damages of the carrier for three cancelled flight can be about 7.5 million rubles.

Possible losses the representative of “Aeroflot” has not commented. According to him, the company intends to resume flights Thursday. He noted that, most likely, on the morning flight from Sheremetyevo airport in Istanbul on 30 June will put the aircraft with increased capacity.

Flights from Russia to Istanbul provides another Turkish airline — Pegasus Airlines. The company makes two flights a day, told to the correspondent the employee of the company, one from Moscow and Krasnodar. But the landing is in another Istanbul airport of Ataturk, and Sabiha gökçen international airport, said the interviewee . Therefore, the company has canceled the flights and the planes fly on schedule.