Ukraine refused to discuss changes to the Association agreement with the EU

Kiev is not going to discuss changes to the Association agreement of the European Union, said foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, commenting at the request of the publication of the proposal of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte to provide legally binding guarantees for the ratification of the Association agreement EU and Ukraine.

“As for talk of amending the text of the agreement, we do not store and do not intend to keep, and such changes are not possible without our consent and the consent of all member countries of the EU,” Klimkin said. He stressed that if someone still considered such a “theoretical possibility, then we also have something to offer, because Ukraine has also passed in recent years great race.

“Another thing — interpretative statements. If someone wants to offer their interpretation of the provisions of the agreement, especially when it is required by reasons of domestic nature, it is not best for European unity, but a possible option. Most importantly, these interpretations are not contrary to the spirit and content of the agreement. And the spirit of his European, and content, too”, — said Klimkin.

According to the Ukrainian Minister, he “does not envy the government of the Netherlands”, which, in his opinion, “was a complex, somewhat ambiguous position”. “It was the first country in the history of such a referendum, which became possible thanks to legislation that came into force only last year. Secondly, the referendum was held after the ratification of the Agreement by the Dutch Parliament, elected by all citizens of this country. The referendum “no,” said less than 20% of voters”, — said the Minister.

On the eve after a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels, Rutte stated the need for a “legally binding solution” that would solve all disputes in the Netherlands, which led to the referendum on evroassotsiatsii Ukraine. However, he found it difficult to say in what form must the decision. “Maybe we will change the text of the Association agreement. —) or find another solution that does not require changes in the text of the Association agreement. I don’t know,” he said, adding that if such a decision is not reached, the Netherlands would not sign the document.

In April of this year, the country held a referendum in which 61% of participants opposed the ratification. Therefore, the Netherlands is the only member state of the EU which has not ratified the Association agreement.

Kiev after a referendum has underlined that does not intend to revise the Association agreement. After the referendum in the Netherlands Deputy head of the administration of the Ukrainian President Kostiantyn Yeliseyev said that the voting results do not affect “the pace and quality of implementation by Ukraine of the Association agreement”.

“We categorically oppose the revision of this important document. No change, no significant changes to make this document we do not intend to. If there are changes in the direction of strengthening and recognition of the membership perspective, we are ready to consider. But in no way this isn’t about him or weakening audit”, — said Elisha.