Authorities confirmed the information about the ISIS killing 20 people in Bangladesh

Victims of attack of fighters on a restaurant in the capital city of Bangladesh were 20 people, a spokesman for the country’s army, Reuters reports. When storming the building, were killed six militants. Most of the dead hostages died as a result of injuries machetes.

According to Brigadier General Naeem Hayat Chowdhury, whose statement refers to the Agency in the course of a military operation to free the hostages were rescued 13 people. Among them — one Japanese national and two Sri Lankans. Russian Embassy in Bangladesh said earlier that among the hostages in the restaurant of Dhaka it was not the Russians. Responsibility for the attack on the restaurant took on the militants grouping “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), ISIS said that the attack on a restaurant killed 20 people, authorities this information has not previously been confirmed.

The storming of the building began the morning of Saturday, July 2, after unsuccessful attempts of negotiations with the militants, 12 hours after the militants seized the restaurant. In the assault involved about 100 people. During the shootout with militants killed two policemen, about 30 people were injured.

The attack on the restaurant occurred at about 21:00 local time, the school is located in the prestigious diplomatic area of Dhaka, it was popular among foreign diplomats.