In the districts candidates from the party’s authorities were using “smart boxes”

The Central election Commission receives appeals from the regional electoral commissions with a request to establish to the state Duma elections at their polling stations complexes of processing of ballots (Cohiba), told the Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev. He cited the example of six regions — Moscow, Moscow oblast and Astrakhan, Samara, Saratov and Smolensk regions. According to him, the CEC will try to equip a significant part of the plots of these regions the electronic ballot boxes (also called “smart boxes”). To install the complexes everywhere will not work: sufficient number of Cohiba in Russia yet, said the Chairman of the CEC.

According to bulaeva, until now, these devices are not always effectively used, they were placed in the areas where a relatively small number of voters. Now in the CEC decided to set the complexes primarily in major administrative centers, where there is a high competition among the candidates. “This measure will help to dispel any doubts about the transparency and openness of the vote,” he said.

The elections in Moscow and Moscow region has traditionally attracted the attention of the media, observers and candidates, so there Cohiba necessary in the first place, says a source close to the leadership of the CEC. According to him, most of the complexes you need to put in those districts of the capital, where expected to be especially competitive campaign. As an example, the source leads Tushino single-member districts where the candidate “the Apple” Dmitry Gudkov will face the United Russia Gennady Onishchenko. “There should be and Cohiba, and a web camera that no one had any doubt about the fairness of the announced results,” — said the source.

Elections in Samara and Astrakhan regions were often accompanied by scandals like the source . For example, lost the election of mayor of Astrakhan Oleg Shein staged a hunger strike in 2012, the region would also like to protect from scandal, he said. Possibly part of Cohiba it would be good to establish in Karelia, where can stand the leader of “Yabloko” Emilia Slabunov, in the Altai territory (candidate Vladimir Ryzhkov) and Pskov region (nominated by “Yabloko” and former member of local legislative Assembly Lev Shlosberg), adds the source .

In the Saratov and Smolensk regions are elected by the leaders of “United Russia”, who would like to avoid talking about unfair counting of votes, says a source close to the party leadership. A list of the Saratov region, headed by first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin, third it is the Deputy Secretary of the party’s General Council Olga batalina. She said that after consulting with Volodin, sent a letter to the Chairman of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova with a request to equip Cohiba local areas.

With the same request and asked the Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov, who is running in the Smolensk region. Installation of electronic systems will allow to avoid provocations and to enhance the credibility of the electoral campaign, he said .

The CEC did not disclose a number of areas can cover a Cohiba. In 2010, the then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed an order to equip the complexes 62% of polling stations by 2015. The election cycle of 2011-2012 has been involved 5770 Cohiba 1000 and complexes of electronic voting, they have covered about 6% of the total number of polling stations, reported “Vedomosti”. But the purchase of new electronic ballot boxes were actually suspended.

Now in the CEC expect the resumption of the program, says Bulaev. But to call the exact time he could not.

Installation of Cohiba even in part of polling stations of the regions will increase the credibility of the results of the vote, said the head close to the Kremlin Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky. According to him, everyone understands that the results of the voting in areas with Cohiba can be compared with the results of the voting in places with ordinary boxes, and thus to evaluate the fairness of counting of votes. In the first place should cover the city, said the expert.

In addition to Cohiba donor regions will establish in areas of the camera, recalls a source close to the leadership of United Russia. They will stand in Moscow, the Moscow and Samara regions. Thus, the chance of dishonest vote counting in these regions will be almost eliminated, said the source.

Camera stations will only inspire fear in the members of the Commission, but to prevent fraud will not help, says Schlossberg. “Electoral fraud is happening more subtly than in the form of stuffing that can get under the camera, and at a higher level than in PECs,” says the opposition.

With the help of Cohiba to the CEC wants to protect themselves from scandals, but for the credibility of the election only these measures are not enough, says Gudkov. According to him, the authorities should provide all candidates equal access to media, to admit observers to polling stations and to prevent the “dill” in the campaign.