In the United States estimated the number of civilian victims of the attacks of its drones and missiles

The victims of the attacks of the U.S. Armed forces in territories “outside of active hostilities” in recent years, could be up to 116 civilians, according to the report published on the website of the head of national intelligence (.pdf).

From these data it follows that from 20 January 2009 to 31 December 2015 during counter-terrorist operations, the United States has dealt 473 strike, which killed 64 to 116 civilians. During this period, were killed before the militants 2581.

These data do not include those killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, as these countries are active hostilities.

The document notes that estimates of the number of victims of the attacks, which leads the U.S. government and the human rights organizations differ: non-governmental organizations believe that, over the same period, the number of those killed during the strikes of civilians is from 200 to 900 people.

U.S. intelligence has acknowledged that to accurately count the number of dead is not possible, but said that government data are more reliable because the methodology of counting victims have been developed over the years. First, intelligence analysts have greater ability to identify victims and establish their belonging or not belonging to the armed groups.

Secondly, non-governmental organizations that operate on data from the press and statements of fighters, exposed to propaganda, which aims to increase the number of victims among non-combatants.

According to The New York Times, strikes in Yemen, Somalia and Libya, but most of them came in the tribal areas of Pakistan. A large part of the strikes carried out with drones, some of them paid a regular aircraft, and some were the result of the use of missiles. The publication notes that human rights defenders and non-governmental organizations considered the official data on civilian casualties low.

One of the latest cases of the use of US drones outside the war zone was hit on may 21 in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan, that killed the leader of the movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia) Akhtar Mansur. The strike was authorized by President Barack Obama. The US authorities claimed that Mansur was “an obstacle to peace and reconciliation between the Afghan government and the Taliban”. According to them, he took an active part in planning attacks that threatened US, Afghan troops and allied forces.

Pakistani authorities have described the U.S. drone strike on Taliban leader hiding in Pakistan as a “violation of sovereignty”. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Pakistan, said that Washington had not informed the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s intention to strike.