Medvedev has promised not to release a niche in the Russian market for Turkey

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia does not intend to refuse from cooperation with countries that occupied the niche of agricultural and tourist markets, in connection with the return of the Turkish suppliers. Such a statement he made in the program “Vesti on Saturday” channel “Russia”.

He recalled that Turkey until complications in relations with Russia took up to 5% of foreign trade turnover, noting that “this is a huge figure. “However what happened, happened. Let’s face it, not our fault. Therefore, some economic niches were occupied by other countries. This applies to the supply of agricultural products, this concerns the tourism product, and other areas of cooperation”, – said the Prime Minister.

“Of course, for those who come with good intentions, that is, on our market, we won’t make the decision on whether to remove them or give them some kind of signal that it is now back Turkish suppliers of products, goods or providers… No, everything will remain as it is,”– said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the same applies to relations with the EU, which, according to him, remains Russia’s major partner. “But turnover is now significantly reduced, and a number of the economic niches that had been occupied by suppliers from the European Union and some other countries are doing other countries. Well, what happened, happened. It is those losses which we would always say,” he said.

Earlier in the meeting, the government adopted the decision on gradual lifting of sanctions from Turkey. Medvedev then stressed that one should act so as not to hurt domestic companies and those partners that already occupy the released niche in the Russian market.