Moscow has compared the US sanctions, indirect support of the terrorists”

According to Tamgaly the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov, USA, entering sanctions against three Russian defense companies, “clearly demonstrated the essence of its policy of” trying “to put pressure on Russian enterprises “under the pretext of their cooperation with other countries, especially with Syria.”

“How can you interpret the desire of the White house to punish Russian companies that help the Syrian people to fight ISIS and other terrorist groups? What is this not indirect support of the terrorists?”, Ryabkov said

According to Deputy foreign Minister, ADMINISTRACII President Barack Obama “should at least be weighed in light of what the US brought to the world.”

“However, after the CIA actually fostered al-Qaida in Afghanistan, lack of principle and immorality of Washington’s policy are so obvious that comment here, by and large, nothing,” Ryabkov says.

On the eve of the United States, the United States imposed sanctions against KB Kuntsevo mechanical engineering design Bureau from Kolomna, and the 150th aircraft repair plant in Kaliningrad, which Washington suspected of violating us law on the non-proliferation of technologies for weapons of mass destruction.