“Novaya Gazeta”, told about the meeting of White before the arrest

The journalist “the New newspaper” Irek Murtazin told the details of the meeting of the Kirov Governor Nikita Belykh and the owner “Novovyatskiy ski plant (NLC) Yuri Sudheimer in the shopping center Lotte Plaza. After this meeting, the official was detained on suspicion in receiving a bribe in especially large size.

Murtazin said that information about the meeting he received from a source who had access to the materials of the “operational experiment”. As the journalist writes “New” in law enforcement bodies has not yet decided whether to attach to the case the recording of the interview of White and Sudheimer or limited to the written testimony of the Governor. According to him, the contents of the records is contrary to the official version of the Investigative Committee.

In the video, in particular, shows that White took the package but didn’t even look at him and counted the bills, says Murtazin. After the arrest of White, investigators released the images, which show himself Kirov Governor, and laid before him the stack of bills. On one of the photos show security forces officer that it on hands has a special composition, which was printed on the banknote.

In the TFR reported that the money White received from “a foreign investor”. Sudheimer is a citizen of Germany.

Further Murtazin recounts a snippet of conversation White and Sudheimer. “Nikita, how can you spend money on the Church, no matter how much vbuhivayut in them, they’re all stolen,” — says the businessman. “That’s not stolen, I personally engaged in the restoration of churches,” allegedly said the Governor. After that, Sudheimer allegedly joked: “Maybe we in Kirov synagogue to build? We need it”. White to this question is not answered.

Murtazin said that the content of the conversation known only from a single source, the records had not, but in case of receiving the audio recordings of “the New newspaper is ready to publish in its entirety. The journalist also said that, according to the newspaper, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin was informed about the actions of the security forces after the arrest of White. At this time the head of state was in Beijing. Before the visit to China of the power structure allegedly did not inform him of conducting “operational experiment”. “Novaya Gazeta” did not bring the source of the data.

White was detained in Moscow on 24 June. The next day he was charged with receiving a bribe in especially large size, the Basmanny court arrested him until the end of August. According to investigators, the Governor received €400 thousand for promises to support the Novovyatskiy ski plant and Forestry management company in the implementation of their investment projects. White himself has declared his innocence and called the detention in a Moscow restaurant “setup”.

On 29 June, the Governor informed the SIZO “Lefortovo” on the beginning hunger strike in protest against the indictment of the prosecution and also due to the fact that it still did not let his wife and brother.”