PARNASSUS left the list of the winners of the primaries nationalist Maltsev

The exclusion of Mal from the Federal part of the list, PARNASSUS has become a key agenda of the party Congress on Saturday, the controversy over his nomination lasted about two hours.

Initially, the United list of opposition candidates for the elections of the state Duma on the basis of the PARNAS was to identify the preliminary voting results. But the primaries were disrupted after the personal data of users who voted in the primaries PARNASSUS was free for hacking. As a result, in the party until the Congress continued to debate about the principle of formation of the list and participation Maltsev.

Kasyanov insisted on forming the list based on the provisional results of the primaries, and members of the Bureau of the political Council of PARNAS Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr., Ilya Yashin, Andrei Pivovarov and Vadim Prokhorov has opposed this,explaining that the vote was disrupted. They also opposed the inclusion in the list of Maltsev, who according to preliminary results by a large margin won the vote.

“I think it is absolutely unacceptable presence in the top three of the party of the person who tells the story of the Jewish mafia and masons”, – explained his position and Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr.

Ilya Yashin, referring to the Kasyanov, reminded him that he has always been opposed to populism. “Congress imposed three caricature of Zhirinovsky”, — he said.

Another member of the political Council of PARNAS Vadim Lukashevich, in turn, stressed that the party should respect its own rules and to refuse the findings of the primaries would be wrong. “Honestly it would leave Maltseva, since he somehow got to number of candidates (in the primaries)”, – he stressed.

Kasyanov in conversation with journalists admitted that his colleagues in the coalition, there is reason for concern that the presence of Mal in the list will lead to the loss of the “nuclear electorate” PARNASSUS. “But that constituency is not enough for us to get into the state Duma. For this reason, and created the democratic coalition”, – he explained.

In his opinion, the coalition should “allow different political actors to influence the situation in the country.” “I think that Maltsev will give us additional votes”, — concluded the Chairman of the party.

During his speech Maltsev has noticed that in 2012, Boris Nemtsov and Kasyanov offered to put it up for elections to the legislative Assembly of Saratov region, but as Vladimir Ryzhkov was against it, he ran from the Communist party. He stressed that the three times elected to the regional Duma as the single-seat districts and stated that he is ready to talk about yourself, the facts, that it is “not dug”, for example, that he was once a member of “United Russia”. “Yes, I am a provocateur, but certain provocations I do in order to attract attention. There is a bit of populism. But this method,” he said.

Maltsev added that subscribes to all points of the program PARNASSUS. “What do you want from me?” he concluded his speech.

Party list and single-mandate candidates who will be nominated from PARNASSUS, will be approved at the Congress later.