Party growth will strengthen the electoral list journalist and billionaire

On Monday there will be a pre-election Congress of the Party of growth, the newly established business Ombudsman Boris Titov and his associates. In the forum, which will take place in the Central Telegraph building, will take part about 400 delegates from the regions. They will approve lists of candidates from the party. It is one of the latest nominates candidates to see configuration of other parties and be able to maneuver, Titov explained. The number of candidates will appear a famous person, previously collaborated with other parties and politicians.

Sokolov vs Pushkina

The growth of the party agreed on the nomination to the state Duma with the journalist Ksenia Sokolova, the Chairman of party Boris Titov. According to him, Sokolova will be included in the Federal part of the list. We also discuss the possibility to nominate her in the Odintsovo constituency. In this case, it will compete with the presenter responsible for children’s rights in Moscow region-partisan Oksana Poushkina, which is elected from United Russia and the ex-Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Viktor Alksnis, who will go from “Fair Russia”.

Sokolov refused to comment but did not deny information about the nomination from the Party of growth. “All comments I will give on Monday,” she said .

The journalist is known for its vibrant publications and outrageous statements. In 2003, Sokolov began working as a columnist in men’s magazine GQ, where he subsequently held the post of Deputy editor. In 2012, she became Vice-President of media group “Live!” and Deputy head of the project “Snob”, leaving the post in early 2016. Sokolov was a member of the electoral headquarters of Mikhail Prokhorov during the presidential campaign of 2012.

Appeal of United Russia

Party growth is negotiating with the current United Russia deputies who, for one reason or another can’t run from the ruling party.

In particular, the parties failed to agree on the nomination of the former head of the Duma Committee on financial market, the Deputy from “United Russia” Natalia Burykina, said the representative of the leader of the party Tatyana Marchenko. According to her, Burykina will be included in the Federal part of the list. She Burykina on Thursday was unavailable for comment.

Burykina did not participate in the primaries of “United Russia”. She resigned as the Chairman of the Committee on financial markets in February 2015. The interlocutors in the Duma is explained by the fact that she had had an uneasy relationship with the leadership of the United Russia faction, and with the current leadership of the Central Bank. After retiring from the post of Chairman of the Finance Committee, she became a member of the property Committee.

According to Titov, the party of entrepreneurs will also try to get re-elected deputies Mikhail Slipenchuk, Boris Reznik and Viktor Zvagelsky.

The author of the resonant bills on the regulation of the consumer market, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on ekonompolitike Victor Zvagelsky will be included in the Federal list, said Marchenko. The MP said that so far not commented on the nomination. Zvagelsky put forward his candidacy in the primaries of United Russia, but failed twice to participate in the debate, therefore, was excluded from participation in the primaries.

Resnik, representing many years in the state Duma of the Khabarovsk Krai, refused to comment on the possibility of the nomination from the Party of growth. “Before I take any decision”, — he said. Resnick came from the “United Russia” after the conflict in the primaries. “They were in an ugly way, it wasn’t primaries, but show all possible violations,” he said.

The opportunity to join another party Resnik doesn’t consider: if you go to the polls, it will go non-partisan with the support of any political party, he added. Marchenko noted that Reznik will run in single-mandate district in Khabarovsk.

Duma rich

One of the richest MPs, Slipenchuk refused to participate in preliminary inner-party voting “an United Russia” after it became known about the presence of his name in “the Panama document”. Unofficially, the party explained that the recommended Slipenchuk not put on the election including because of this. MP himself says that is out of control all offshore companies according to the law.

Last year he took second place (with 868 million rubles in the list of the richest MPs and 148-th line in the rating of the richest Russian businessmen according to Forbes magazine, his fortune was estimated at $0.6 billion.

Slipenchuk has confirmed that goes on elections from the Party of growth. “If I’m coming from the Federal list, it will solve Congress. I’d like to go on one-mandatory district in Buryatia”, — he stressed. Slipenchuk said that the Party growth perspective, as it supports the creation and strengthening the middle class and the formation of a favorable investment climate for business. “Earlier, I was never a party member and any party not joined. The first time took such a decision,” he added. In the state Duma in 2011, he was elected on the list of “United Russia”, but the party did not enter.

The leaders of the list

Only the Federal part of the list will include ten people, says Titov. The sequence of places has not yet been determined, but it is known that the first place will be the Chairman of the party, and the second will go to the Deputy of the state Duma Oksana Dmitrieva, coming from “Fair Russia” (now it is headed by the Party professionals).

Also in the Federal part of the list includes the husband and collaborator Dmitriyeva, Ivan Grachyov, the managing partner of Management Development Group and member of the political Council of the Party of growth Dmitry Potapenko and politician Sergei Stankevich. The top ten also may include the Chairman of the party “Civil initiative” Andrei Nechayev, said the Chairman of the party.

Potapenko will also be elected in the constituency. The question is, in what is not yet decided, says Marchenko. Considering two options: if Potapenko will go to Moscow, it will be Tushino single-member district, where he will fight with the ex-head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko and opposition leader Dmitry Gudkov. Also there is the option with the County in Vladivostok. He Potapenko said earlier that he doesn’t care what County to be elected, and that he will do as you say in the leadership of the party.