Putin announced the attempt to start a dialogue with NATO

Statements of the Russian President was made at a joint press conference with Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinistö, reports .

“What should we do in response to the increased presence of NATO at our borders? Let me remind you that Russia has accepted the decision and implemented it — we from the Finnish-Russian border took our troops to a distance of 1500 km And nothing has still not changed — the way it is. And on our borders in the Baltic States, NATO troops are increasing. And what can we do? The President [of Finland] proposed the first steps to increase trust. Try to start a dialogue with NATO at the meeting of the Council Russia — NATO in Brussels,” — said the President.

Putin also supported the proposal of the President of Finland, in the Baltic sea planes flying enabled recognition devices. “Mr. President, drew my attention to incidents that are out there [in the Baltic sea region] to happen. Took the initiative to develop a system of confidence-building measures, improving safety in the Baltic sea region”, — said Putin.

According to Putin, “not only Russian planes flying over the Baltic sea, including the respective recognition devices”. “But the aircraft in all NATO countries. The number of flights by NATO over the Baltic sea twice the efficiency of the flights of Russian aviation. This is not our invention, it is a statistic,” said Putin.

“We agree with the proposal of the President of Finland. And, moreover, upon returning to Moscow will give instructions to the foreign Ministry and defense Ministry to put the issue on the agenda during the upcoming meeting of the NATO Council — Russia”, — he said.

The Russian President also answered the question of the Finnish journalist about why Russia is doing all it can to Finns began to discuss the question of accession to NATO.

“We do not really understand what can be caused by the concerns of the residents of Finland. I already told you, we made a decision and implemented it — we have pulled back from the borders of Finland all of our troops to a depth of 1.5 thousand km, And in spite of the tension, wasn’t doing anything that would cause concern to the Finns. And, by the way, we do it based on the neutral status of Finland”, — said Putin.

In the case of Finland’s accession to NATO the situation will change, made it clear to Putin. “Imagine that Finland will join NATO. This means that Finnish troops will not be sovereign. They will become part of the military infrastructure of NATO, which will be on the borders of the Russian Federation. Do you think we will continue to act? Fifteen hundred troops withdrew and just leave it?” — said Putin.

“To paraphrase one of my Finnish friends could say that NATO is probably happy to be at war with Russia until the last Finnish soldier. You need it? We do not. We don’t want. But you decide what you need,” he said. According to Putin, Russia values the neutral status of Finland, but will respect any choice made by the Finnish people.

The summit of NATO will take place in the capital of Poland on 8-9 July. The participants of the summit intend to discuss the issue of relations with Russia. Earlier it became known that Moscow has agreed to hold a meeting of the Council Russia — the NATO after the NATO summit in Warsaw.