The police freed the hostages from the restaurant in diplomatic area, Dhaka

The result of the military operation to free the hostages in the restaurant in the diplomatic district of Dhaka killed all the militants, according to NBC News, citing a police statement. According to the channel, until received conflicting information about the hostages. The representative of the government of Japan reported that it had been released 12 hostages, two of them foreigners. Japanese authorities claimed that among the hostages were citizens of this country, but this information is not confirmed.

At the same time, the Agency Reuters, citing a source in Bangladesh reports that freed ten hostages. Earlier, local newspaper the Daily Star reported that released at least 13 hostages. Only the building at the time of the seizure were about 20 people. In the operation to free the hostages was attended by about 100 police. At least two of them died.

Responsibility for the attack on the restaurant had taken the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). The militants claimed that the hostage-taking, killing 20 people. The Bangladesh police information about the victims is not confirmed.