The Vice-Chancellor of Germany has proposed to give citizenship to young British

Germany should give citizenship to young Brits who should not suffer due to the fact that the majority of their country voted for Brexit. This was stated by Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel during his speech at the conference of the Social democratic party, writes Bloomberg.

He noted that the young Britons wanted to remain in Europe, as they realize that the world is changing” and that Britain could not act alone. As recalled by Bloomberg, 70% of those polled by YouGov in the age group 18 to 24 were against Brexit. “So that young people in Britain are smarter than their strange political elite, is a good sign,” — said Gabriel.

All of this, he said, should make social Democrats more broadly to promote the idea of simplification of the granting of dual citizenship. “Let us offer this opportunity to young Brits who live in Germany, France and Italy, so they can remain citizens of the EU”, — said the Vice-Chancellor.

A referendum in which the majority – 51.9 percent — voted in favor of a British exit from the EU, took place on 23 June. This event was accompanied by, in particular, the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, the fall of the pound and a decline in the credit rating country S&P from two lines — from the highest AAA to AA with negative Outlook.