Erdogan has proposed to give citizenship to Syrian refugees

Some refugees, who, escaping from civil war in Syria, fled to Turkey, can obtain citizenship of the country. This was stated by the President of Turkey Redzhep Tayip Erdogan, speaking in Kilis, a city on the border with Syria, whose population has doubled due to the refugees.

“Today I have good news for our brothers and sisters in here,” said Erdogan, according to Financial Times. Among them, “there are those who would like to obtain citizenship of the Turkish Republic. Our Ministry of internal Affairs is taking steps in this direction”, — he added.

“Turkey is your home, too,” — said the President of Turkey. The President’s words is a “statement of intent”, the publication said a senior Turkish official.

Also during his speech, Erdogan criticized the situation in Syria. According to him, “man, [the policy] which led to the deaths of 600 thousand Syrian brothers cannot be regarded as the head”, gives his statement to Turkish TV channel NTV. The Assad regime, in his opinion, lost the ability to govern the country, and the Syrian people do not have the ability to influence decision-making.

In Turkey, as living was 2.7 million refugees, says the Financial Times. However, there are a large number of illegal immigrants and hundreds of thousands of illegal” live outside formal camps and illegally work in factories and farms, the newspaper writes.

The decision to grant citizenship to these refugees could help the ruling justice and development support in the election. The Deputy of the Kemalist Republican people’s party, Erdogan Toprak said in March the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet that such a decision can bring more than 3 million new voters that the parliamentary elections in 2019 can change the outcome of the elections.

Ankara to make concessions in terms of the forces of the Kurds in Syria due to the easing of relations with Moscow, reported earlier by the Financial Times, citing sources in the leadership of the Syrian opposition. A week before the apology for the downed Russian su-24 Turkey held a secret meeting between representatives of Moscow and sirinkoy leaders of the opposition, wrote the publication, citing sources.

In March 2016, the European Union and Turkey have agreed the terms on which it will be resolved the immigration crisis in Europe. Under the deal, all the illegal migrants who arrive in Greece, had to go back to Turkey. The costs for this was to take on the EU. The plan called for the allocation of Ankara €3 billion, and the sides were to resume talks on Turkey’s accession to the European Union.

However, in April, Erdogan warned that may withdraw from the transaction because of the failure of the EU’s obligations. In may, the European Parliament suspended the process of granting Turkey a visa-free regime. The EU authorities stated that this was done until Ankara does not fulfill all requirements. In response, Turkey accused Brussels of the policy of “double standards” and threatened to suspend all agreements with the EU.

While German Chancellor Angela Merkel in June agreed to grant visa-free regime for Turkish citizens. It is important to maintain agreements on migrant workers, The Telegraph wrote, after reviewing the letters of the ambassadors in Berlin and Ankara.