During the day, the Turkey has become the most popular destination among Russians

July 1, on the next day after the lifting of the ban on the sale of tours to Turkey, this country has become the most popular user requests on the service “Yandex.Travel”, which aggregates the offers from tour operators.

For three days, from 29 June to 1 July, the number of requests for tours to Turkey increased four times, told the representatives of “Yandex”. At the same time areas such as Crimea and Sochi became interested in the Russians three times less. Now the number of requests for Turkey in three times exceeds this indicator for the main Russian resorts combined.

Half the number of offers of tour operators for Turkey in “Yandex.Travel” has grown from 200 to more than 500. Last summer season, before the ban, there were about 1 thousand 19:00 GMT tours for two to Turkey for 7 nights sold at a price of 40 thousand rubles Is more expensive than in Crimea (35 thousand roubles) and Sochi (37 thousand roubles).

On the eve of President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree lifting the ban on the sale of tours to Turkey. It was introduced after in November 2015 by the Turkish military near the Syrian-Turkish border was shot down by a Russian su-24 bomber.

As a result, from the beginning of 2016 visited Turkey in only 138 thousand Russian tourists, which is approximately 83% less than the same period in 2015 (there were about 802 thousand). The total flow arriving in Turkey of foreigners, the share of Russians accounted for only 1.66 per cent.

Putin after the signing of the decree lifting the ban on the sale of tours to Turkey is about to launch at the same time announced several tour operators. So, “TEZ Tour” has declared that is ready to send Russian tourists to Turkey since July 1, but the urgency will have to pay: the cost of a week tour for two persons in hotel 3 stars at the operator starts from 96 thousand rubles (that is 48 thousand rubles per person). On the last days of July any suggestions for a price of 66 thousand RUB over the same trip.

ANEX Tour sells tours to Turkey with departure after 13 July. Price per week in Antalya in a three star hotel for two starts from 44 thousand. “Pegas Touristik” offers flights from 14 July. The average cost of the package with the double room in hotel 3 stars is about 69 thousand RUB.

About readiness to sell tours to Turkey said the “TUI Russia” and Brisco, though with the exact departure dates of the company have not yet decided. The representative of Brisco Julia Palesova said that, most likely, it will happen next week.

In addition, according to “Yandex.Travel” on the Turkish direction, have already returned such operators as “Inna Tur”, “NTK Intourist”, “SODIS” and “Russian Express”.