Khodorkovsky spoke about the pressure of special services on Alexey Pichugin

Ex-employee of Yukos, Alexei Pichugin, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of mayor of Nefteyugansk, was taken from the colony “Black Dolphin” in the Orenburg region. This was announced by the former head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Facebook.

“Alexei was taken out of the colony. Place his current location is unknown,” wrote Khodorkosky. According to him, before Pichugin, was visited by the representatives of special services” and threatened to arrest his brother in the case, “if he will not give evidence, acceptable to the organizers.” “Brother was summoned for questioning and searched. Now he is not in Russia,” said Khodorkovsky.

The former head of Yukos also asked anyone with information about the location of Alexei Pichugin, to share information. “It’s important for human security. Often the “trouble” occur on the “stage,” he explained.

Lawyer Pichugin Ksenia Kostromina told Interfax that her colleague, local counsel Pichugin, was reported in the colony, that it is not in a correctional facility. Relatives about where he is, nobody was notified,” said Kostromina

The lawyer said that on Tuesday she was going to visit Pichugin. “Tomorrow I was supposed to meet with him now in place will be to understand the situation,” she added.

The official representative of the Federal penitentiary service Kristina Belousova said that has no information whether Pichugin was taken out of prison. According to her, to clarify this can be no earlier than the morning of Tuesday, July 5.

A source in the Central apparatus of the penitentiary service said that Pichugin could really come law enforcement officers because it passes as the witness on criminal case against Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Alexey Pichugin is kept in the colony “Black Dolphin” (IR-6 management of the Federal penitentiary service Orenburg region), which is located in the town of Sol-Iletsk. “Black Dolphin” — one of the few correctional institutions in Russia, which are serving sentences for life prisoners.