Kiev has promised mirrored Russia’s response to the limitations of transit

The Ukrainian government will submit to Parliament a bill on the limitation of transit through the territory of Ukraine of Russian goods, said at a meeting of the conciliation Board Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv.

According to him, the first measure will be the “mirror sanctions against Russia’s actions in respect of goods of Ukrainian origin, and concerning the transit, which takes place in other countries”, and the second mirrored the rise of customs duties on Russian goods, which are imported to Ukraine. “All this will come into force when, respectively, the presidential decree will enter into force,” — said Kubiv (quoted by “Interfax”).

On the website of the Ukrainian government, meanwhile, published a message in response to the expansion constraints of transit, which States that it “has taken and will take all possible measures to protect the national interests of Ukraine and counteraction to any manifestations of aggression by Russia”. “We have prepared adequate responses that will be put into effect without delay”, — stressed in the Cabinet, naming new Russian restrictions “politically motivated act”.

The original restrictions on transit was introduced from 1 January this year, when it suspended the Treaty on the free trade area due to the fact that Moscow, Kiev and Brussels were unable to reach a compromise on the application of economic articles of the agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU. Then was banned the transit of goods through Ukraine to Kazakhstan across Russian territory. In addition, at the same time in Ukraine began to operate a trade embargo imposed, in particular, EU countries and the USA.

On the eve of Russia’s official website of legal information was published the decree of President Vladimir Putin, according to which, in particular, restrictions on transit apply to Kyrgyzstan. In addition, the document prohibits the transit of goods, which are subject to embargoes imposed by Russia, as well as products that are applied rates of import customs duties, different from zero.

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine in its press release warned that these restrictions may temporarily cause a full stop of transit of goods from Ukraine through Russia. “These changes [the decree of the President of Russia. —] can temporarily cause a full stop of transit of goods from Ukraine through the territory of the Russian Federation — not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic, but also in third countries”, — stressed the Ministry.

The Agency also said that the introduction of additional restrictions on the part of Russia economically and legally unfounded”, which is expected will lead to an artificial deterioration of the terms of trade with third countries, in particular Central Asia.