Lawyer Navalny has joined the protection of the White

The lawyer of the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, who is accused of receiving a bribe, will the lawyer Olga Mikhailova. As told Mikhailov , a senior investigator for particularly important cases of justice major Roman Mukhachev, is in charge of the case, allowed her to visit the Governor in an insulator “Lefortovo”.

Mikhailov — second White defender. Earlier the lawyer of the head of region became a lawyer Vadim Prokhorov. With Mikhailova he also represents the interests of the relatives of Boris Nemtsov in the case of murder of the oppositionist.

The Governor refused to lawyer Sergey Teterin, who defended it in Basmanny court during election of a measure of restraint. After the meeting, Teterin said that White really took the money, but it was “the sponsor’s help to the region.”

Mikhailov defended the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny in the process in the “case of Kirovec” and in the “case Yves Rocher”. In the case of “Yves Rocher” Navalny received 3.5 years probation, in the case of Kirovec” — 5 years probation. In February 2016, the European court of human rights has recognized that in the course of the proceedings in the court of Kirov, Navalny violated the right to a fair trial, and awarded him compensation in the amount of €56 thousand

White was charged under the article “receiving a bribe in especially large size” (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code). According to investigators, White personally and through intermediaries received a total of €400 thousand (almost 28.5 million RUB at the exchange rate on July 4). Instead, he had to help the briber and controlled them JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” and LLC “Forest management company”. The searches in this case also took place in administration of the Kirov region.

In conversation with members of the PMC Zoya Light and eve Marichevoy who visited the Governor in jail, White called his arrest “a sham”. In Basmanny court the Governor has declared his innocence, stressing that never took bribes, but the receipt of money is not denied.

The money the Governor gave the owner of the NLC Yuri Sudheimer and albert Lariscy that in 2011-2012 served on the Board of Directors “Novovyatskiy ski factory”, said a source familiar with the investigation.

Lariccia is now in Lefortovo prison. In June 2015 he was detained by investigators of the FSB, which suspected him of fraud with bogus akreditovanje NLC and the theft of credits of the savings Bank..

As follows from the case of Urickogo consulted in February 2016, the accused changed counsel and entered into an agreement with the investigation.

The representative of the Vyatka diocese told me that in may 2016, shortly before his arrest, White was blessed to the construction of the chapel of the Blessed Matrona. According to sources , the construction of the chapel with utensils can cost up to 30 million rubles.

On Friday, July 1, “Novaya Gazeta”, citing a source who had access to the materials of the “operational experiment”, told about the content of the conversation Nikita Belykh with Sudheimer shortly before his arrest. As writes the edition, they discussed how “to spend money on the Church.”