London law firm has threatened a lawsuit to the British authorities because of Brexit

Any claim the government faces a group of customers Mischcon de Reya, whose names law firm does not disclose. In his statement, the law firm emphasizes that the formal launching of the procedure of exit from the EU could only occur with the consent of the Parliament, said in a statement.

In a statement, the company noted that the decision to launch a mechanism for leaving the EU, which is provided for by the Lisbon treaties should lie with the representatives of the people of the UK, however, the government believes that it has sufficient legal authority.” June 27, Mischon de Reya sent a letter to government lawyers in order to guarantee that the government will follow the British legislation.

If the output is carried out without consultation with the Parliament, the decision will be illegal and will negatively affect future negotiations with Brussels about the terms of withdrawal from the EU. In this case, Mischon de Reya is ready to go to court.

According to a partner of the law firm of kasry Noruzi, the results of the referendum are not in dispute, however, need a process that would comply with British laws.

At the end of last June 23, a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU majority (51.9 percent vs. 48.1 percent) the decision was made to exit from the block. Prime Minister David Cameron, who immediately after the referendum resigned, said that the procedure of withdrawal from the EU will launch the new head of the British government.

Formally adopted at the referendum on the British exit from the EU is not legally binding and is Advisory in nature. However, Cameron has repeatedly stressed that the authorities will act in accordance with the referendum decision.

Legal fact Brexit will be only after London sent to EU formal request to exit the block. According to article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, member country of the EU can take decision to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its constitutional norms.” Among the deputies of the house of Commons, as reported by bi-Bi-si on the eve of the referendum, a significant majority (454 MP out of 650) were in favour of the UK remaining in the EU.