TFR suspected “defector” Rodchenkova trade-doping

The former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov for personal gain is prohibited illegally implemented medical drugs used as doping, says in the press release of the official representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin, posted on the Agency’s website. Russian authorities have repeatedly criticized Rodchenkova. In particular, in the Kremlin words Rodchenkova after the publication of the NYT article called “slander defector”.

According to him, this information became known after the interrogation of witnesses. Pre-installed, Rodchenkov illegally purchased such drugs in the United States, and selling, promised customers that it will hide the fact of finding them in the sample of banned substances, according to Markin. “Investigators have reason to believe that Rodchenko was not just the performer, namely the author and organizer of a number of such schemes,” — said the representative office.

Also, according to the investigative Committee, “established the motives for the destruction of Rodchenkova doping samples Russian athletes, despite the presence of the letter” the world anti-doping Agency (WADA). They have been to hide the implementation of prohibited means to escape from criminal liability, providing for a much more severe punishment than a violation of the WADA standards, which apply to employees of the WADA-accredited laboratories and national anti-doping organization”. “In the end because of the destruction of these samples, were not only harmed the image of the Russian Federation as a whole, but never managed to learn which competitor has used doping”, — said Markin.

In addition, the official representative of the Ministry recalled that sister Radchenkov Marina were convicted under part 3 of article 234 of the criminal code (illegal circulation of strong substances which are not narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances in large amount). “Unfortunately, in the framework of this criminal case, which was in production of bodies FSKN of Russia, it was not revealed who she purchased them for the subsequent illegal sale. So now the investigators of the RCDS will be tested including these facts”, — said Markin. He noted that the TFR has initiated the procedure, “in which measures will be taken to the interrogation in the United States Rodchenkova”. Earlier Markin has informed that the Investigative Committee sent to us law enforcement request for legal assistance in the investigation. “We sent a request for legal assistance to the competent authorities of the United States, to him [Rodchenkova] questioned on issues of mutual interest”, — he said.

The case against Rodchenkov was initiated in mid-June on signs of abuse of power — part 1 of article 201 of the criminal code. According to investigators, Rodchenkov in December 2014 received a letter from WADA, which was requested in connection with the investigation to freeze and store the sample collected on 10 October of the same year. However, he instructed to dispose of samples, trying to hide the shortcomings and violations in his activities” and “to maintain a leadership position”. Thus he caused substantial harm to legally protected interests of the state, stressed on 18 June Markin.

The decision was taken after the inspection of one of Rodchenkova interview in which he said about the numerous violations of doping rules by Russian athletes, as well as on the basis of the report about the destruction of the WADA doping tests at the Moscow laboratory, said in the TFR.

In mid-may Rodchenkov gave an interview to The New York Times, which talked about the use of doping Russian sportsmany at the Games in Sochi. So, he said that at the Olympics, security services and anti-doping experts have changed the doping of the sample, and also that he personally developed mixture of three illicit drugs that were given to athletes. Rodchenko also claimed that doping, in particular, took 15 medallists of the Games.

Rodchenkov was dismissed from the post of head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory in November 2015. Prior to that, WADA has published the results of its investigation. In it, in particular, it was alleged that the Russian authorities interfered in the work of the accredited anti-doping laboratory in Moscow. In addition, it was mentioned in the report, in December 2014, Rodchenkov personally ordered the destruction of 1417 doping tests before testing WADA.

Commenting on the statements rodenkova, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called them “completely unfounded and a slander of a defector”. He told about it on 13 may and 9 June after the release of the new film of the German TV channel ARD, which used testimony Rodchenkova, said that “the famous figures who have run away, apparently, their 30 pieces of silver-work”.