The headquarters of the “Other Russia” came to search

At the headquarters of the unregistered party “the Other Russia” conducted the searches, some members of the Association were detained by the police. About this “Interfax” said a member of the Executive Committee “Other Russia” Alexander Averin.

“We were 15 people, we are in a police bus. Room staff are searched,” said Averin.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the security forces came to the headquarters during a weekly meeting “Other Russia”. He stressed that all detainees are members of the party.

Averin said that the detainees were not charged with any charges.

The party “the Other Russia” was established in 2010. For several years she spent uncoordinated action in defense of freedom of Assembly on Triumfalnaya square in Moscow on 31-m number. The participants each time were detained by the police. In may 2014, the authorities began to allow the rallies of the party.

The leader “Other Russia” has long been the writer Eduard Limonov. In January last year, he said that the party will no longer attempt to obtain official status. According to him, the political unification of six times applied for registration, but each time they returned.

In March of this year, the Lemons left his post as head of the party. His decision, he explained his poor health. He said that he will continue to serve as Chairman of Executive Committee “Other Russia”. To perform the duties of the head of the Lemons has appointed Alexey Volynets, Alexander Averin and Andrey Dmitriev.