The initiator Brexit resigned as head of his party

Faraj said that the resignation from the post of leader of UKIP will be the right step after adopted by referendum on British exit from the EU, reports Reuters. “I’ve never been and never wanted to be a career politician. The purpose of my political activity was the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union”, — he stressed. “In the referendum I said I want my country back. Now I want my life back,” said Faraj.

Faraj is UKIP since its inception in 1993. His political career began in the Conservative party, which left in 1992 after the UK signed the Maastricht Treaty establish the European Union. Party Faraj with a short break headed since 2006.

The resignation of Faraj happened a few days after the former mayor of London and another active supporter of Brexit, the conservative Boris Johnson announced his refusal to fight for the position of Prime Minister. It Johnson, according to public opinion polls, was the favorite in the fight for the post of the new leader of the Conservative party and head of the British government.

At the end of last June 23, a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU majority (51.9 percent vs. 48.1 percent) the decision was made to exit from the block. After the announcement of the results of the referendum British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation.

Formally, the procedure of exit from the EU has not started yet — in accordance with article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, London must submit to the EU an official statement about the release. Only then will negotiations begin between the EU and London about the conditions of release and formulate principles for future relations. The process of a British exit from the European Union should formally be completed within two years.