The Kremlin announced the departure Astakhov “on their own”

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed to reporters that the children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov will leave the post on return from leave. While his resignation has not yet been signed because he is on vacation, said Peskov.

“I can confirm that upon return from leave, he will leave work and then a decree will be signed,” he said.

To the question about the reasons for the resignation Peskov said: “At own will”.

That Astakhov wrote a letter of resignation, it became known last week. The interlocutors said that the resignation will happen on the totality of the circumstances, in particular, because of the scandal caused the phrase uttered during a conversation with the children who survived the storm in Karelia. Astakhov also arose the question of the anti-corruption Department of the Kremlin, said the sources .

He on Friday evening confirmed in an interview that he wrote a letter of resignation after a meeting with Putin, but stressed that the final decision rests with the President. Astakhov also commented on the phrase “how was your swim,” spoken during a conversation with children. “Let us judge not according to the reservations, but by deeds. Every may, in the end, I didn’t want to offend the girls with whom I talked” he said, adding that a “reservation” him “really seriously flown by a President.” “Because I fucked up, my fault,” confessed Astakhov.

On Saturday, news agencies reported that the children’s Ombudsman will leave his post after the holiday. They cited a high-ranking source in the Kremlin. Peskov, commenting on the situation Astakhov, still said that “so far this has not happened”, and the question does not discuss whether the nomination of the new Commissioner human rights was answered negatively.

Two people talking at the same time, Astakhov “will not return to old job”. He took the post of Ombudsman in 2009, and before that worked as educator and led the TV show “the Hour of judgment”. On the eve of elections to the state Duma in 2007, Astakhov has headed the all-Russian movement “For Putin!”.