All offices Investbanka stopped working

No office Investbanka does not work for technical reasons, said the operator call center Bank. He said that work will be resumed within one to two days. The information that the work of the offices of the Bank suspended, and placed on the website of the Bank. According to information posted on the website of the Bank, he had 8 offices.

A source close to Investbank, said that now the Bank is experiencing liquidity problems, which two weeks ago began a disruption of payments of citizens and companies. Liquidity problems was confirmed by a second source familiar with the situation in the Bank. He also noted that many employees Investbanka quit one day on 4 July.

June 5 on the Bank’s website, it was reported that on 4 July an extraordinary meeting of the members of the Bank decided to send to the Bank of Russia petition to revoke the license of the Bank due to the occurrence of signs of insolvency.

The Bank is the 292-th place by assets (RUB 6.8 bn) and is registered in Ryazan. The Bank is funded mainly at the expense of the citizens, the volume of which amounted as at 1 July Bank RUB 4.7 billion (69% of total liabilities). Funds of enterprises accounted for 14% (1 billion rubles). The Bank actively lent the company a portfolio of loans to companies accounted for on 1 July to 4.6 billion roubles, and the portfolio of loans to citizens — 0,5 billion roubles.

According to the Central Bank on may 10, 2016 main owners of the Bank are Alexander Kokodigital and Nikoplast” (they own 19.99% of the Bank). The ultimate owners of the company “Nikoplast” — Konstantin Karakulko, Alexei Titkov and Sergey Belichenko. The remaining shares of the Bank belong to other citizens.

expecting a comment from Reinvestment.