Brother Deputy culture Minister resigned after accusations of conflict of interest

Brother brother

That the General Director of JSC “Restoration company” Andrey Aristarkhov, falling the brother of the first Deputy Minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov, resigned his post, according to a senior source in the Ministry of culture. This information was confirmed by the representative of the “Restoration companies” Ekaterina Khomyakova.

According to the interlocutor in the Ministry, Aristarkhov resigned after he and his brother complained to the deputies of the state Duma who has directed inquiries in law enforcement agencies with the requirement to check their activity on the presence of conflict of interest. Deputies of the state Duma Sergei Obukhov and Valery Rashkin (both — Communist party) did not like that the “Restoration company” under the leadership of Andrew Aristarkhova won the tenders of the Ministry of culture, where his brother Vladimir. As found , examining the procurement website, “the Restoration company” in the autumn 2014 to March 2016 signed state contracts for restoration in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles.

According to the Ministry of culture in 2013 from the budget for restoration of monuments of history and culture it has been allocated 7,7 billion roubles, in 2014 to 9.5 billion in 2015 9.7 billion in 2016, this will go about 6 billion rubles.

The representative of the Ministry of culture confirmed that Aristarkhov wrote a letter of resignation.

According to Homyakova, Aristarkhov wrote a statement on April 25. Granted the application Aristarkhova July 1, said the company. The new head of the organization has not yet appointed.

“The statement was written with the purpose of prevention of conflict of interest that could arise in connection with the incident in the beginning of this year, the Ministry of culture of Russia redistribution of power,” explained Khomyakov. Oversee construction and real estate sector the Ministry of culture was entrusted to the Deputy Minister Nikolai Malakov, during vacation or illness, the authority to sign documents related to the work including “Restoration companies” would go to Vladimir Aristarhova, and this is a direct conflict of interests, Khomyakov said.

Previously, the Agency denied a conflict of interest: Vladimir Aristarkhov, said the officials, never oversaw the construction activities of the Department. He Aristarkhov said that his appointment was not inspired by his brother, and “Restoration companies” do not have culture, a direct relationship and deal with the restoration of objects of both local and Federal levels.

Prior to “Restoration companies” Aristarkhov was engaged in building projects in Millhouse Capital of Roman Abramovich and was a member of the Board of Directors of the Moscow oil refinery.

The failed merger

Aristarkhov has held the post of Director General of “Restoration companies” in November last year. Under his leadership, this structure was to be the organisation that unites four state restoration organization “Resma”, “Secretaria”, “Tsentrrestavratsiya and Interregional scientific restoration artistic management (mnrkhu).

On the establishment of a single organization that would unite “the best industry professionals and has become one of the biggest players in the market state restoration order, at the beginning of June last year, said Pirumov, and Vladimir Aristarkhov.

But the project of integration decided to close, said a source in the Ministry of culture. “We made a point, though, in our opinion, combine restoration company needed. The unification process proved more difficult than one would assume,” — said the source.

Against unions made workers mnru, explained the source of the Ministry of culture, “they began to write appeals to President, although no logical explanation for this was not.”

A petition addressed to Vladimir Putin, the staff MNRH published on the website at the end of may 2015. In the petition they demand to refuse the corporatization of FSUE and save state status mnro — one, as stated in the petition of the most famous and reputable organizations for many years “established and ensured implementation of evidence-based restoration at the highest level.”

The refusal of the enterprises of restoration structures — good news for an industry that in its current state any revolutionary changes are fatal, says the coordinator of the public movement “Arhnadzor” Konstantin Mikhailov. “I am inclined to trust the experts in the field of restoration who have expressed fears the plans of the Ministry of culture, claiming that a total transition to private rails will lead to an erosion of professional teams the restoration of the institutions. And I am glad that the Ministry has listened to the public”, — says Mikhailov.

According to gradozaschitnitsa, now officials need to concentrate on more important things in the restoration industry: the conclusion of the work on the historic objects in scientific framework, the introduction of real public control over the development of the current Institute acceptance of completed projects, etc.

In recent months high-ranking officials of the culture Ministry become involved in major scandals. Pirumov, the Deputy Minister in March were detained by field investigators of FSB, and then arrested on charges of major embezzlement in the restoration of monuments of history — the Novodevichy convent, of the Drama theatre in Pskov, St. John the Baptist monastery and Museum of Cosmonautics in Kaluga. Now Pirumov is in jail. Along with Pirumova investigators arrested five people: the Director of the asset management Department of the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, Director Tsentrrestavratsiya Oleg Ivanov, Director of the company “Baltstroy” Dmitry Sergeev, managing company “Baltstroy” Alexander Kochenov and Advisor to the General Director of the company “Linnet-consult” Nikita Kolesnikov.

MPs complained of TFR and Vladimir Medinsky and the actions of his subordinates to evict organizations from Moscow city centre, this scandal also figured Pirumov and Maso.