Explosive start: as Turkey is open for Russian tourists

On the evening of 30 June the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree lifting the ban on the sale of tours to Turkey. In half a day July 1, the number of offers of tour operators for Turkey in the service “Yandex.Travel” has grown from 200 to more than 500. In last year’s season, before the ban, there were about 1 thousand

Development Director at online travel Agency OneTwoTrip Arkady Gines claims that Turkey has become one of the cheapest destinations for a beach holiday. The cost of travel with hotel 3 star in Antalya for a week at the beginning of August will cost 26 thousand rubles per person, and 5 star hotel — from 37 thousand rubles. For comparison, a similar proposal for Cyprus starts from 35 thousand and 50 thousand rubles respectively. For a comparable vacation in Sochi will have to pay 41 thousand and 54 thousand rubles (OneTwoTrip sells packages in the format “flight + hotel”, not including transfers and other services).

According to “Yandex.Travel”, in 19 hours 1 Jul tours to Turkey for two persons for seven nights sold 40 thousand rubles Is more expensive than in Crimea (35 thousand roubles) and Sochi (37 thousand roubles). However, prices are constantly adjusted downward.

As argued and reconciled Russia and Turkey

In November 2015, the Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian su-24 bomber crashed in Syria. The incident caused a crisis in bilateral relations and economic sanctions from Moscow. The decree against Turkey, President Vladimir Putin signed in late 2015. On 29 December the government announced that the Turkish companies are not allowed to engage in the design, construction, hotel and tourism, woodworking, and working on government contracts. Limited was the company, and the right to hire citizens of Turkey to work. The second resolution Russia imposed an embargo on the import of Turkish fruit and vegetables, and the third has banned Charter flights and tours to Turkey. Retaliatory sanctions Turkey was minimal: from 1 June 2016, the government ordered the drivers of Russian trucks to get a visa to Turkey. June 28, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan apologized for the downed Russian su-24, was the first after a long break, a phone conversation between the presidents of Russia and Turkey. They agreed to a personal meeting and the lifting of restrictions on travel to Turkey the Russian tourists.

About the beginning of sales of tours to Turkey simultaneously announced several tour operators. TEZ Tour stated that he is ready to send Russian tourists to Turkey since July 1, but the urgency will have to pay: the cost of a week tour for two persons in hotel 3 stars at the operator starts from 96 thousand rubles (that is 48 thousand rubles per person). On the last days of July any suggestions for a price of 66 thousand over the same trip.

ANEX Tour sells tours to Turkey with departure after 13 July. Price per week in Antalya in three-star hotel for two starts from 44 thousand. “Pegas Touristik” offers flights from 14 July. The average cost of the package with the double room in hotel 3 stars is about 69 thousand RUB.

About readiness to sell tours to Turkey said the “TUI Russia” and Brisco, though with the exact departure dates of the company have not yet decided. The representative of Brisco Julia Palesova said that, most likely, it will happen next week.

In addition, according to “Yandex.Travel” on the Turkish direction, have already returned such operators as “Inna Tur”, “NTK Intourist”, “SODIS” and “Russian Express”.

Lower prices

Now tours in Turkey with flights are sold on scheduled flights as charters were until recently prohibited. However, the transition to formation of the packages on the basis of the Charter the cost can be reduced by approximately 30%, says Director of tourism company “Inna Tur” Elena Konkina.

Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Dmitry Gorin predicts lower prices for Turkey from the current proposals by 15-30%. Yet not all hotels have agreed with the tour operators about the resumption of pre-crisis programs, the expert explains. Also expect that the Turkish government will begin to subsidize the organizers of Charter flights.

Previously commercial Director of a network of tourist agencies “Shop of travel” Alexander Preobrazhensky said that in order to return to the market of Turkish hoteliers ready to give discount of 25% or more from the price of accommodation, which operated until prohibition.

Who will lose tourists

For three days, from 29 June to 1 July, the number of requests for tours to Turkey increased four times, told the representatives of “Yandex”. At the same time areas such as Crimea and Sochi, began to interest the Russians three times less. Now the number of requests for Turkey in three times exceeds this indicator for the main Russian resorts combined.

The introduction of Charter flights to Turkey will not affect the already existing areas, said General Director of “Pegas Touristik” Anna Podgornaya. “We are not going to curtail its program, for example, in Greece, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Cyprus and the countries of South-East Asia and also Russian resorts — Crimea and Sochi,” says Podgorny.

Elena Konkina of “Inna Tour” believes that the opening of Turkey can delay the flow of tourists from other budget areas, such as Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria and Abkhazia. On the Russian resorts, according to the., the emergence of new alternatives in the current year is unlikely to affect: Sochi, Anapa and Crimea for this season is actually already sold out.

Cancellation of purchased vouchers for tourists is fraught with absolute penalties, recalls Dmitry Gorin of ATOR. In his opinion, massively selling tours to Turkey will begin, most likely in mid-July, when people will already difficult to rebook or to abandon the purchased vouchers. Fully Turkish direction will reveal itself, most likely in August, says Gorin, and in September and October chip away the tourists from the Russian resorts, the more there will be already cool.