In Europe, introduced an updated bill of €50

In Europe, introduced an updated bill of €50

The European Central Bank (ECB) has unveiled a new banknote of €50. In a press release on the website of the ECB indicated that it will enter into circulation on 4 April 2017.

The note was issued in the series “Europe”. Was previously updated banknotes of €5, €10 and €20.

“The introduction of the new banknotes of €50 will make our currency even more secure,” said Yves Mersch, member of ECB’s Executive Board. — Its state of the art security system helps to protect our money. It’s part of our ongoing efforts to preserve the Euro as a stable currency”.

Mersch reminded that the daily use of Euro 338 million. “The gradual launch of the new Euro banknotes with the new and improved distinctive features-emphasizes the commitment of the Eurosystem to save cash as a reliable and effective means of payment”, — he added.

New banknote €50

Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst/AP

Banknote €50 Euro is the most used among all. Now in circulation are several billion of such notes, they make up about 45% of all Euro banknotes. Banknotes of €50 and €20 is the most counterfeited.

On the banknote a watermark a portrait of the heroine of Greek mythology Europe. Figure 50 in the corner of the banknote changes colour from blue to green depending on the angle. The color scheme of the bill and its Ramer has not changed.

Discover the New €50 Banknote Video: youtube/European Central Bank