Media reported about the plans to deploy radar station in the Baltic sea and the Black sea for NATO

Russia can place in the Baltic and the Black sea two supernova radar station (radar), writes “Interfax”, citing an informed source. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, this step Moscow could go to compensate for the increase in military activity of NATO.

“It is expected that a modified over-the-horizon radar “Sunflower” will be put on combat duty in the Baltic sea in 2017″, — he said. Radar the same radar in 2017 can be placed in the Crimea, the source added. He said that the radar such radar is able to monitor the 200-mile coastal zone.

A distinctive feature of the “Sunflower” is that this system is able to detect objects not only in the line of sight and horizon. “He will see every warship that passes the Bosphorus”, — said the interlocutor of “Interfax”.

About plans to put “Sunflower” in the Crimea it was reported in 2014. Then it was about how to use radar to identify objects in the southern part of the Black sea.

In 2013, “Sunflower” was placed on the Caspian sea. Later, there were plans to place stations in the Arctic.