Presidential grants went to churches, veterans and bikers

New printoperator

Monday, June 4, the last group of non-profit organizations, which are distributing presidential grants, has published a list of the winners of the first competition, which until the end of the year will be four. To receive almost 1.5 billion rubles from nearly 4.6 billion allocated by the President to support NGOs in 2016, received more than 3,400 applications and selected the 502 project.

This year changed the list of printoperation. The society “Knowledge” headed by former Senator, now the Chairman of the CEC by Mykola Bulaeva, left the number of distributors of the presidential aid, lost such rights and Fund “Institute of socio-economic and political research” (ISAPI), led by ex-official of the presidential administration Dmitry Badovsky.

The right to determine the winners of competitions have received charitable Fund of the support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov”, which is headed by the leader of the Penza Executive Committee of the popular front of Anna Kuznetsova. Distributor of presidential grants will Fund and support civic engagement in small towns and rural areas, “Perspective”, founders of which, according to the register, are farmers Association (AKKOR) and the national Council for local government (vsms), headed by Federation Council member Dmitry Azarov. The printoperation also became the Union of rectors of Russia, headed by rector of Moscow state University Viktor Sadovnichy.

This year printoperator first encountered pressure from local authorities in the allocation of funds, said Nikolai Kononov from the “League of nation’s health”, Aleksandr Svinin of “Prospects” and Pavel krasnorutskiy of the Russian Union of youth. “We have received letters, calls, complaints from authorities of different regions. They lobbied for projects that do not correspond to the essence of presidential grants. For example, the project associated with the purchase of vehicles, or capital construction,” — said pork. But, according to Pork, such attempts were thwarted.

Assistance to clergy

Among the list of winners of the first competition are allocated a religious organization, and both Orthodox and from other religions.

The Foundation “Pokrov” has allocated two grants from organizations close to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). A little more than 4 million rubles to the Department for Church charity and social service of the ROC in support of socially oriented non-profit organizations, dealing with family device of children-orphans and children left without parental care, the prevention of social orphanhood and social adaptation of children with disabilities. For the same purpose RUB 2 million will be able to spend a Stavropigialny female monastery — Marfo-Mariinsky convent of mercy, the Russian Orthodox Church.

8 million rubles to the information technology Center Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra and the Moscow theological Academy of the ROC in the media project “50 words on important. This is one of the largest grants issued by the Foundation “Pokrov” during the first stage of the competition.

3 mln. from the National charity Foundation (NBF) has received the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists, which must implement the project “I read the Bible of the Russian Orthodox Church.” Russian Union of youth (RSM) has provided nearly 2.5 million rubles, the Russian Union of Evangelical faith (Pentecostals) on the project to promote the spiritual heritage of the “ascetics of the Russian land”.

The Islamic cultural center received from RSM 3.5 million roubles on carrying out of the all-Russian youth forum “Russia — our common home”, which should provide constructive interaction between young people of different ethnic and religious communities. Orthodox parish of the temple in honor of the Port Arthur icon Bozhiej of Mother “the triumph of the virgin” in Barrow will spend 500 thousand rubles for teenage Cossack club “the farm”.

ROC or organizations that are associated with the ROC, over the past few years become one of the major recipients of presidential grants. The center for economic and political reforms (capr) had previously calculated that for 2013-2015 were issued at least 63 grant on Orthodox subjects totaling over 256 million rubles In capr believe that it can be regarded as “the hidden government support of the ROC and the structures close to it”.

Sablin and his fellowship

In the first contest for presidential grants has won several bids from the branches of all-Russian veteran organization “boevoe Bratstvo”, which is headed by Senator Dmitry Sablin.

Nearly 4.3 million rubles to the Belgorod city branch of “Combat brotherhood” on the establishment of a legal center for the rights of veterans, their families and orphans “fulcrum”. Astrakhan branch of “Combat brotherhood” will allocate 1 million rubles for the work of the centre for social protection of veterans. In this center the combatants can provide legal assistance to invite to participate in “cultural improvement”, to provide financial assistance or to purchase medicines, and also to employ. The same amount to implement the project on social support of veterans “They fulfilled their duty to the Fatherland” will be able to count the Novgorod regional branch of “Combat brotherhood”. A little less, a little over 914 thousand rubles, will receive the Ulyanovsk branch of this veteran organization, which asked for money for the project “Brandino” — a crossroads of history,” the development of search traffic and carrying out search works on the events of the civil war in 1918.

All-Russia glory, Sablin was acquired immediately after the events in Ukraine in December 2014 — while Senator along with the biker club “Night wolves”, veterans ‘ organizations and Patriotic sportsmen organized the movement “Antimaydan.”

Sablin, according to the income declarations for the last two years, one of the wealthiest senators. In 2015, the family income of the leader of the movement “Antimaydan” was 117 million rubles a Large part of the funds was recorded on his wife Alla — 110,5 million rubles, the Senator indicated an income of $ 6.4 million RUB In 2016 Sablina income amounted to 4.68 million RUB, and the income of the spouse — 146.1 million RUB.

Business and property Sablina after the creation of the “Antimaydana” analyzed the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The FCO argued that Sablin is undeclared the house on Rublevsky highway and several cars. According to Sablin, the house on Rublevsky highway was built “one year”. “If you look at my wife’s income during this period of time, hundreds of millions of rubles”, — said Sablin (quoted by ITAR-TASS)

“Wolves” on “Empire”

Bikers patriots of the “Night wolves” also received a grant from the President. However, only their youth division, which asked for 7 million rbl. on to a new bike show “Fifth Empire”. That’s less than youth “Night wolves” received from the President in the past and in the nineteenth year for 9 million rubles, including to the children’s trees in the center of the bike. Since 2011, the youth division of the “Night wolves” received 36 grants for, 2 million rubles, the Basic division of the “Night wolves”, whose leader is a Trustee of Vladimir Putin and Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon), last year also received grants: then the bikers gave 12 million rubles for establishment of national youth center “Patriot”. At this time the “adult” Night wolves” has not yet been applied.

Received the support of other patriots of the Moscow-based Central Cossack army (TSKV) for 5 million RUB. will create the information-analytical platform “the Cossack culture, traditions and youth”. This is not the first successful cooperation with CEC ruling state institutions: at the beginning of year it became known that the army established the company “the Cossack guards” received the contract for the protection of all the district courts and the administrative buildings of the Metropolitan administration of the judicial Department. The Cossacks began to protect the courts in 2015, but then they put only ten of the Moscow courts — capital courts service Cossacks cost 3.3 million rubles.

Grants received and the oldest human rights organizations in the country. The Moscow Helsinki group, headed by Lyudmila Alekseyeva, was little more than 4.2 million rubles on the development of a system of public control. 1.2 million rubles for legal assistance to graduates of orphanages will be able to spend the Ryazan historical, educational and human rights society “memorial”. Last year, grant received a Federal “memorial” and the movement “For human rights” and “Soldiers’ mothers of St. Petersburg”.

The main feature of the first wave of the competition of presidential grants — a reduction in the amount of grants that get the organization, said the expert of the Russian branch of anti-corruption center Transparency International Anastasia Oriole.

For example, the Federation of mototourism related, according to the Orioles, with the bike club “Night wolves” has received this year, only 3 million rubles., whereas in the past the size of this structure won the grant was 7 million, and in 2014 9 million, said the Oriole. “The situation is similar with non-profit organizations associated with the Pro-Kremlin youth movement “Network”: in 2014 for the project “Art hive” were allocated slightly more than 11 million rubles, but this year only 4.27 million,” — said the Oriole. The decrease in the amount of the grant winners is due, perhaps, to the fact that this year these same organizations are planning to actively apply for the following competitions and possibly win them, suggests the Orioles.

She recalled that this year for the first time the results of the first competition for grants was divided into three stages — lists of the winners of the three groups of printoperation published in every few days. This, according to the Orioles, “have diverted the attention of journalists and the public from the results of the competition of presidential grants”.

With the participation of Michael Rubin