The British Parliament transferred the methods of containment of Russia

The report of the defence Committee of the Parliament of UK.pdf), released ahead of the NATO summit in Warsaw, says that in connection with events in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, the Alliance needs to rebuild its defense, to reconsider the methods of containment of Russia and to resume dialogue with the Russian authorities.

According to the Chairman of the Committee Julian Lewis: “the fact that NATO and Britain were” taken by surprise “intervention in Ukraine”, shows the lack of understanding of the determination of the Russian authorities to the “preservation of spheres of influence outside of Russia, if necessary, by force”

In the report of the parliamentary Committee, said that Russia is not only increasing its military power, but also becoming more active in the use of “unconventional methods” that may not result in a NATO response under article 5 of the Charter of the Alliance, which suggests that an armed attack against one state-member of NATO is equivalent to an attack on the Alliance as a whole.

In particular, the parliamentarians give an example of “Russian propaganda”, the reaction to which, in their opinion, NATO is “insufficient.”

“We are concerned that the UK and NATO has not yet fully formed strategy to effectively counter Russian propaganda and disinformation. We understand that NATO efforts are being made for its development. <…> However, NATO should substantially increase the resources that States parties invest in this work”, — the report says.

In addition, parliamentarians are urged to recognize the magnitude of increasing Russian military power and to give a decisive answer. “Recent Russian actions and statements by senior officials indicate that Russia is reinforcing [the defense] to a possible future conflict with the West. If the West does not respond appropriately to such actions, it will be ill-equipped to prevent such a conflict or successful opposition, in case a conflict breaks out. The defense Ministers [of countries participating in NATO] must lay their plans, expanded strategy against Russia and to develop measures to combat the militarization of Russia”, — says the defence Committee of the Parliament of Britain.

However, members call on whether the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles 1987 revision or replacement, in light of the allegations that Russia has violated its provisions, and are also encouraged to stimulate the continuing EU sanctions against Russia and to consider their dissemination to a wider circle of persons from the Russian leadership.

However, British parliamentarians emphasize that “it is possible to resist and to keep the enemy in a region where conflict with our interests and at the same time how to cooperate with him, to some extent, in the regions where they coincide,” and that the common threat from ISIL, “al-Qaeda” (both organizations are banned in Russia) is such an example.