The FBI reported the results of an investigation of the correspondence of Clinton

On a press-conferences following the results of investigation FBI Director James Comey said that his office recommends that the Ministry of justice to indict Clinton. “We believe that no competent attorney will give the case to the court,” said Komi.

The head of the FBI said that Clinton during his tenure as Secretary of state, as well as employees of its staff showed “extreme negligence” in handling classified information.

The results of the FBI investigation already commented on rival Clinton in the upcoming presidential election, Republican Donald trump. “It is very unfair. As always, bad refereeing. The FBI Director said that Hillary has jeopardized our safety, and no charge! Wow!” — trump wrote in his Twitter.

Scandal with correspondence of Clinton began in March of 2015, when The New York Times reported that, occupying the post of Secretary of state in 2009-2013, Clinton led not official correspondence with government servers, and personal email. Clinton said that he used a personal e-mail for reasons of convenience and caution. Clinton voluntarily gave the justice Department 30 thousand of its workers letters from the state Department. The state Department, in turn, released a few thousand emails of former Secretary of state.

In early July, Clinton had voluntarily talked with the FBI in the investigation of their electronic correspondence. The FBI interview with the candidate lasted 3.5 hours.

As reported in January of 2016, the Associated Press, U.S. authorities have detected a sensitive information in the 22 letters which she sent from your personal account.