The mayor reported on the verge of accident-thirds of Moscow housing stock

The mayor reported on the verge of accident-thirds of Moscow housing stock

Moscow. The 4th of July. The introduction of fees for capital repairs of apartment buildings overdue for decades, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

“Indeed, this is an acute problem. I just want to ask a question. And, in fact, who needs this Board? She needed the deputies, who today go to the polls? She needed the Prime Minister, who is at the head of the list? She needed the mayor, who is elected by the citizens? Why must we all this is an unpopular brand?”, the mayor said Sobyanin at the enlarged meeting of the political Council of the Moscow city regional branch of “United Russia” on Monday.

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So the mayor responded to political opponents who consider that the payment for capital repairs of apartment houses it is necessary to cancel.

“I will answer: the decision was taken because United Russia is not engaged in populism. Because we are responsible to those who elect us. This decision is already overdue for decades, and today one-third of the housing stock needs repair and is on the verge of accident”, – said the mayor.

In his opinion, it is paying the overhaul, Muscovites can not be afraid that their house will collapse.

“In Moscow, thanks to the introduction of fees takes place an unprecedented programme of capital repair”, – said the mayor.

He added that the charging power of the city as possible protect privileged category of citizens and those who have low incomes.

Sobyanin also said that Moscow will not stop the construction of large transport objects.

“Our political opponents have created a system of speculation on the construction of city facilities, including the construction of roads, metro. Saying that we are building, disturbing the residents and create obstructions for motorists. I think that it’s better to accuse us of that than be accused of inaction,” – said Sobyanin.

The mayor promised that the capital will continue to create modern transport infrastructure – and for those who are driving, and for those who use public transport.

“Soon metro will come in Solntsevo, Peredelkino, Nekrasovka, Dmitrovka. In the coming months will launch a new Central interchange ring ring railway will be built hundreds of kilometers of roads, dozens of large infrastructure projects”, – said the mayor.

He added that the Russian capital will not stop the construction of housing, schools, hospitals and kindergartens.