China is going to lift the ban on exports of beef and poultry from Russia

China is going to lift the ban on exports of beef and poultry from Russia

Moscow. July 5. China will launch the procedure for the lifting of the ban deliveries of beef, poultry and offal from the territory of the Russian Federation that are free from FMD without vaccination.

In addition, China is embarking on the abolition of export restrictions on avian influenza, the report said Rosselkhoznadzor at the end of the fifth meeting of the Russian-Chinese permanent working group on cooperation in the field of quarantine of plants and animals and food safety.

The Chinese side was informed about the positive risk assessment in relation to the functioning of the monitoring system used in the production of beef and poultry, the report says.

During the negotiations the representative of China expressed interest in the supply of SPF eggs, poultry, expanding the list of Chinese enterprises-producers of pork, as well as updating the list of enterprises-producers of food for cats and dogs. In turn, the Russian side requested requirements necessary for export of finished meat products to China.

The parties also agreed to continue work on lifting the ban of supply of products in connection with the registration of outbreaks in the territory of the Russian Federation nodular dermatitis of cattle and African swine fever (ASF). In this framework, in August or September the scheduled visit of Chinese experts to the Federal centre for health protection.

China is also addressed to the Rosselkhoznadzor with a request to consider the possibility of restoration of supply in Russia, fish and seafood between 11 Chinese enterprises in connection with the adopted corrective measures. In turn, the Russian side has sent for approval a draft of a Protocol on veterinary requirements for fishmeal, fish fat and the rest protein and fats fishery, exported to China, as well as information about ships producing fish fodder flour for export to China.

The parties also came to the conclusion about the necessity of the organization of the Russian inspection of Chinese manufacturers of fish products.

The next working group meeting is scheduled for the summer of 2017.