In Turkey arrested 11 Russians in the case of the terrorist attack at Istanbul airport

In Turkey in the case of the terrorist attack in Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, arrested 17 people, including 11 Russians, said the Agency DHA. According to him, all of them charged with “membership of an armed terrorist organization.”

Thus, the total number of prisoners has reached 30 people two days ago were taken into custody 13 people. One of them, as reported, include three foreigners, but citizens of some countries are not specified.

Earlier Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also said that in the case of the explosion at the airport of Istanbul and arrested 30 people. According to him, among the suspects are natives of Dagestan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. “Unfortunately, the attack involved our neighbors from the North Caucasus,” — said the Turkish leader.

He also confirmed that the explosion at the airport was organized by the “Islamic state”, banned in Russia as a terrorist organization.

An informed source, meanwhile, have informed on Tuesday “Interfax” that the Russian law enforcement authorities have not received confirmation of the involvement of the Russians to attack. “We check the information about the possible involvement of Russian citizens to commit terrorist attack at the airport in Istanbul, however, reliable information about it yet,” he said.

The attack occurred June 28. Three terrorists opened fire and then blew himself up. The victims were 45 people, including 13 foreigners.