Putin canceled a scheduled weekly flights

Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled all scheduled for this trip to the regions, said three sources close to the Kremlin. About the reasons of cancellation, the interlocutors do not speak. The press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that none of these visits were unannounced. “They were among a dozen alleged. Were references etc. But finally not confirmed”, — he said.

Canceled visits

On Tuesday 5 July the head of state was going to visit the Altai Krai, where he, according to the plan, should hold a state Council Presidium meeting devoted to tourism, told the interlocutors . The holding of the state Council that is in the Altai previously announced, Deputy head of Federal Agency for tourism Alexei Konyushkov reported. The event was to be held this week but was postponed indefinitely, said Wednesday the website altapress.ru.

The source in the government also reported that the state Council planned to hold in the Altai region this week, but “for unknown reasons” in charge of the state Council assistant to the President Igor Levitin could not finalize the terms. To review Levitin has failed in reception of the assistant to the President reported that he is traveling and will be back only on Monday.

Wednesday, July 6, Putin waited in Yakutsk. There he had regular scheduled inter-regional conference of the popular front and the opening ceremony of the VI International sports games “Children of Asia”. In the opening games finally flew Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and presidential envoy to the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev. That there was supposed to Putin, said in an interview Yakut channel NVK Sakha President of Yakutia Egor Borisov. “I would have urged not to dramatize the situation. The President decided to cancel a number of events planned for early July. In particular, July 5, I had to participate in the meeting of the Presidium of the state Council in the Altai region. The head of state there is a certain schedule that has the ability to change,” — said Borisov. He also said that one of the Deputy head of the presidential administration (Borisov did not say his name) told him that the cancellation of the visit is associated with the work schedule of the Russian leader.

Conference onf in Yakutia is not passed. A source in the onf says that the organization found out about the cancellation of the Yakut forum in the beginning of last week. According to him, they were told that the date events are always being adapted to the head of state (Putin is the leader of the onf), and he wanted to hold a forum later. Previously the forum of the popular front now scheduled for the autumn, the source said .

Thursday, July 6, the President waited in the Novgorod region. There he wanted to visit the production site of the company “Akron” (owned by billionaire Viatcheslav Kantor), said a source close to the Kremlin and confirmed by a representative of the company. It was planned that on this day, “Akron” with the participation of the head of state will start the unit “Ammonia-4”. In addition, the company expected that Putin will hold a government meeting on rare earth metals.

According to the interlocutor in the Kremlin, visit to Novgorod was prepared the day before, but today, for unknown reasons, it was decided to cancel it. “Yes, it was moved, roughly, the press service of the President of the us says that it will be the end of July — 27-28 number of, perhaps, late — August”, — said the representative of “Akron”. He noted that the reasons for the postponement of the event or of the press service of the President or FSO have not been reported.

Meetings without the press

The last time Putin took part in public events, which invite the press, at the end of last week — July 1, the President flew to Finland. Since this week the website of the Kremlin only puts reports on the meetings with the heads of regions: 4 July it was reported that meetings with the head of the Tver region Igor Rodina and the Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak. On 5 July, the press service reported about communication with the head of Kalmykia Alexey Orlov and a meeting with members of the security Council. Wednesday at 14:10 on the President’s website has information about the meeting with the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo.

But the meeting with the IMF could take place earlier than reported by the Kremlin. Member of the regional headquarters of the popular front, the candidate of the state Duma deputies from the Party of Growth Oleg Nikolaev said that flying with Menyailo on the same plane, which flew from Moscow to Sevastopol at 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday. Press Secretary of the Governor, declined to comment. He Menyailo could not answer the question of when exactly he met with Putin. “Today is a loose concept. It happens either early this morning or late in the evening yesterday,” he said . Sands forwarded the question to Menyailo

The last time the President canceled the trip and was out of sight of the media in the spring of 2015. Then he canceled a meeting with the leaders of Belarus and Kazakhstan, and appeared in public with 5 to March 16. All this time, the press service of the Kremlin published on the website the records of its closed meetings, which, as it turned out , actually was pre-recorded. Reuters sources said that the President was ill, but Peskov insisted that the head of state is healthy.

Prayer for Putin

On Tuesday, July 5, the network launched the “prayer of agreement” for the Russian President, the Patriarch, politicians, and the sick. Online-prayer was organized by the Orthodox social network “the Jelica mountain, which has 100 thousand users, said portal Director Valery Cephalin. “The prayer of agreement — fashion is now a trend of people located in different cities, gather in group of 5 to 15 people and pray. We decided this trend to scale”, — explained Cephalin. According to him, the Tuesday prayer about Vladimir Putin, Patriarch Kirill, politicians, the sick and all those in need will begin at 21.00 Moscow time and will last for five minutes. Prayer to attend every social network user “the Jelica mountain,” or a visitor. The idea of mass prayer on the agreement belongs to father Andrew (Tkachev), said Cephalin. He said that no other meaning but to pray for the country’s leadership, the Church and others in need, the organizers of the prayer on the agreement were not pursued. The representative of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media said that the Russian Orthodox Church about prayer for the President, the Patriarch and the needy heard. “But this is a private initiative. Prayer for the leadership of the country is a normal phenomenon in the churches and temples of Russia”, — said the Agency interlocutor.