Russian prisoner of Guantanamo was detained on the case about the terrorist attack in Istanbul

Among those detained by the intelligence services of Turkey, the suspects in the bombings at the airport in Istanbul was a former inmate at the us prison in Guantanamo, the Russian Ayrat Vakhitov, 39 years old. It is reported by Voice of America (VOA), the publication said that the official confirmation of this information.

A source told VOA that Vakhitov was arrested by Turkish authorities on 5 July 2016. Then the country’s secret service announced the arrest of 17 suspected of involvement in high-profile terrorist attacks, including 11 Russians. The total number of detainees in this case amounted to 30 people. As said the Agency DHA that all detainees are charged with “membership in an armed terrorist organization.”

The press Secretary of the Association of Russian-speaking Mujahideen in Turkey Salman Seaver confirmed to VOA that Vakhitov detained. “We hope that Ayrat will be released in the near future,” he said. While Siver has rejected the charges against Vakhitov. “He never fought neither in Syria nor in Iraq, it never was. [banned terrorist group “Islamic state”], he participated in humanitarian activities of helping the people of Syria,” added Seaver.

Ayrat Vahitov — the native of Tatarstan, also known under the name of Salman Bulgar — a few years was the Imam of a mosque in Naberezhnye Chelny. Later he moved to Afghanistan and in 2001 was detained by the Americans for military action on the Taliban and imprisoned in Guantanamo.

Vakhitov spent in prison, located in Cuba, two years. then him and six other Russian citizens were handed over to Russian authorities. Vakhitov was released by a Russian court, which found no evidence of his alleged terrorist activities. In 2005, a year after his release, writes VOA, Vakhitov, arrested by the Federal security service of Russia and was imprisoned for nearly two months. After his release, he went to the middle East.

According to VOA, the last few years Vakhitov lived in Istanbul, he traveled widely.

The terrorist attack at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul took place on 28 June. Three terrorists opened fire on visitors of the international terminal, and then blew themselves up in different parts of the airport. The victims of the attack were 45 people, including 13 foreigners.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed the involvement of citizens from former Soviet republics to attack. According to him, among the suspects are natives of Dagestan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Erdogan also confirmed that the explosion at the airport was organized by the “Islamic state”, banned in Russia as a terrorist organization.