Sberbank will lower rates on consumer credits and mortgages

Sberbank on Thursday, July 7, will reduce interest rates on mortgages and consumer loans, said the head of the country’s largest Bank, German Gref, responding live to questions of users “Vkontakte” on the official website of Sberbank.

According to Gref, from July 7 to Sberbank reduces mortgage rates by 0.5 percentage points ” (Lower interest rates) on the mortgage with state support, for customers who buy housing in our construction sites, etc.” — said the head of the Bank.

He also added that the Bank from July 7 to lower interest rates on consumer loans — the decline to 2 p. p.

The question of when will be reduced mortgage rates, has become the most popular of those that were sent by users “Vkontakte”, said in a conversation with Gref TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku.

The last time the savings Bank has lowered rates on consumer credits in may and was 1.1–4.1% It was the sharp decline in interest rates on consumer credits for the year. As a result, the range of rates on secured loans totaled 14.9 22.9 per cent (previously 16,5–25,5%), loans without collateral — 15,9–23,9% (up to 17.5–26.5 per cent).

German Gref became the first representative of the business community, who decided to answer the questions of the users “Vkontakte” live. Gref questions you can ask on the page of the savings Bank before the event and during the live broadcast.