“The Russian newspaper” has published not Putin signed a law

On pages “the Russian newspaper” published the wrong version of the law, which was signed by President Vladimir Putin which was published on the official portal of disclosure of legal information. This drew the attention of the publication Meduza published pictures of the pages of the newspaper.

The text, which is published in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, matches posted on the website of the state Duma to the law “On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation and the annulment of certain legislative acts (provisions of legislative acts) of the Russian Federation in connection with adoption of the Federal law “About the army national guard of the Russian Federation”.

According to published on the website of the state Duma to the law, a permit for possession of weapons shall be issued to citizens of ten years. On the Kremlin website and on an official portal of disclosure of legal information pravo.gov.ru was published another text, signed by Putin: on it the permit is issued only for five years.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday morning that the Kremlin was apprised of the situation, and the correct version is the document that was signed by the President (for five years). According to him, the Duma was a mistake. As said Peskov, first in the state Duma discussed the text of the law, which featured a period of ten years, but in the end, the parliamentarians adopted a document providing for the retention period of five years. This option arrived in the Federation Council, and then was signed by the President, explained Peskov.

The law comes into force after its publication. Official publication of the law is considered the first publication in “the parliamentary newspaper”, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, “Collection of legislation of the Russian Federation” or the first placement on www.pravo.gov.ru said in the law “On procedure of publication and entry into force of Federal constitutional laws, Federal laws, acts of chambers of Federal Meeting”.

“The Russian newspaper” will republish the law, told in the waiting room of the chief editor of the government newspaper. “The correct version (which includes a period of license five years) will be published on Friday” — said there told . According to the source, the current version of the law was published in error. Editor-in-chief Vladislav Fronin was unavailable for comment, his phone switched to receiving because he is on vacation, said the Secretary.

Some of the laws posted on 5 July on the website pravo.gov.ru or July 6, in the pages of the WG will be considered valid, is unclear. “This is a purely technical question. We can’t give preference to the source, otherwise everyone would start to publish your text. Of course, there is nothing good that this situation happened, but there are no legal issues,” says former constitutional court judge Tamara Morshchakova.