Transparency International described the motives which gave money White businessman

Provocation of a bribe

The Russian branch of Transparency International spoke about the circumstances preceding the arrest of the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh. As noted in the publication, the businessman Yuri Sudheimer could agree to cooperate with the investigation under threat of criminal prosecution. According to investigators, he met with White on 24 June and handed him €150 thousand, after which the Governor was immediately arrested and charged with bribery (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code).

Sudheimer could draw on the same criminal case in which he was arrested his partner albert Lariccia, writes Transparency. Lariscy, according to the TFR, also transferred money from White.

Lariscy was arrested in June 2015. The investigators of the FSB suspected the businessman in fraud with fictitious akreditovanje “Novovyatskiy ski plant (NLC) and the theft of credits of the savings Bank. In 2010, the NLC signed a contract to supply equipment for a new production of wood-particle boards with controlled Lariccia Swiss Chemicals firm Champion AG. Credit line for the modernization of production has opened a savings Bank under the pledge of property owned by the Kirov region, in particular the building of the Kirov regional Philharmonic society.

As follows from the case of Urickogo consulted in February 2016, the accused changed counsel and entered into an agreement with the investigation.

In 2010, Champion Chemicals AG controlled Sudheimer, writes Transparency, citing data from the commercial register of Switzerland, so he could become a defendant in the case of Urickogo.

Sudheimer could be prosecuted for the deliberate bankruptcy of his companies soon after Lariccia was behind bars, Cyprus offshore Remigal Konsaltans Limited, which, as it turned Transparency on Sudheimer, appealed to the arbitration court and recover with the NLC and two companies of Sudheimer a total of 403 million rubles.

As explained Deputy General Director of the Russian branch of Transparency international, Ilya Shumanov, the plant is a step towards bankruptcy. “This is an attempt to consolidate Sudheimer-owned property and companies on the balance sheet of the Cyprus offshore for subsequent implementation and withdrawal of the proceeds,” suggests Transparency in its investigation.


In fact we are talking about the withdrawal attempt, confirms this version , a source familiar with the investigation. According to him, these actions attracted the attention of the investigation to Sudheimer.

“Presumably, when Lariscy was in prison, Sudheimer made an offer he couldn’t refuse, because he was related to the criminal case of Urickogo. Apparently, he accepted it and became a torpedo for Nikita Belykh”, notes Transparency.

Writes Transparency, Sudheimer acted as torpedoes. “Torpedo is a person whom the operational experiment sent to bribe officials. Many investigators use established pattern: if mid-level official or businessman is caught on a bribe or other crime, the detectives persuaded him to give a bribe more senior person — that is, converted into a torpedo,” — said in the investigation.

This method in the field was used by the staff of the Main Directorate of economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry (Guebipk Ministry of internal Affairs) and Management of own safety of FSB (the latter office is responsible for the operative support of the case of White). In the criminal case of former heads of generals Guebipk Denis Sugrobov and Kolesnikov described the episode, when the detectives promised officials that they can avoid criminal prosecution if provoke his superiors for a bribe.

White’s lawyer Vadim Prokhorov on Monday, July 4, announced that there will be soon a few days to comment on the circumstances of the case. Lawyer Urickogo Manuchar bjalava refused to talk with a reporter . In Sudheimer not responded to the request.

What required money

According to investigators, Nikita Belykh, in exchange for €400 thousand has promised to help companies of Urickogo and Sudheimer when implementing their investment projects JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” and “Forest management company”. Investment projects in 2015, approved by the regional government. Schumann in conversation with suggested that the inclusion in the investment program needed to companies to refinance and close the old debts.

On Friday, July 1, “Novaya Gazeta”, citing a source who had access to the materials of the “operational experiment”, told about the content of the conversation with the White Sudheimer. As writes the edition, they discussed how “to spend money on the Church.”

The representative of the Vyatka diocese told me that in may 2016, a few weeks before his arrest, White was blessed to the construction of the chapel of the Blessed Matrona. According to sources , the construction of the chapel with utensils can cost up to 30 million rubles.