Tuscany urged to lift sanctions against Russia

The regional Council of Tuscany unanimously approved a resolution urging the Italian authorities to make efforts to overcome the sanctions against Russia. This is stated in the message on the website of the Council.

The resolution recommended to the authorities of Tuscany to exert pressure on the government and Parliament of Italy, and to act in the framework of the dialogue “state-regions” to “Europe started moving in the direction of overcome the sanctions imposed in connection with the events in Ukraine.” The decision was approved unanimously.

The document also calls on the Italian authorities to continue to demonstrate “commitment to dialogue and international efforts that help to build bridges, not walls”. The resolution was drafted by representatives of the party “Northern League”

On the eve of a resolution urging the Italian government to lift sanctions against Russia and recognize the Russian Crimea is adopted by the Council of Lombardy. In mid-may, a similar document was approved by the Council of the Veneto region (with its capital in Venice), and at the end of June–Liguria.

On 1 July the EU formally extended sectoral sanctions against Russia until the end of January 2017. Limitations relate to the financial, energy and defense sectors. In response, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree on the renewal of the food embargo until the end of next year.