Oil prices fell more than 4% on news of the US stocks

During the trading session, the price of a barrel of Brent fell to $46,16, while the maximum was $49.

By 20:30 GMT, the market has continued, and the price went back to $46,58, which is 4.5% lower than the previous day.

4.4% decreased the price of American WTI. It fell to $45,30 per barrel.

According to Reuters, the decrease in quotations has begun after an exit of the data about oil stocks in the United States. They decreased by 2.2 million barrels, while American petroleum Institute before he assumed the decline would be much greater and amounted to 6.7 million barrels.

Exchange rate of the ruble amid falling oil prices also began to decline to the level of 71.32 RUB over 64,48 euros and rubles. per dollar.