During the campaign in defense of the blacks in Dallas shot and killed a police

At least three policemen were killed by shots from firearms during the mass protests in downtown Dallas, USA, the Associated Press reports. According to various sources, total heard 10 to 20 shots.

According to Reuters, mass protests were held in many U.S. cities, including new York, Chicago and Dallas. They were called the second within two days of the murder of a black by police. The first incident took place in Louisiana on the night of the Tuesday: two white cops shot a black man. The video, which was posted online, shows that two police officers knocked to the ground man, then one of them almost point blank range shoots him. In Minnesota, the explosion occurred in the city of Falcon heights on Wednesday. The police officer shot the young man and wounded him, later the man died in the hospital.

The record of the second incident also got to the net, it’s made by a friend of the deceased. According to her, the police stopped the car and asked the driver to show documents, but as soon as he reached in his pocket for rights, the police opened fire.

President Barack Obama said that the United States must accelerate the reform of the police. He noted that similar tragedies occur in the country “too often”. “African Americans in the US, police stop 30% more often than whites. Blacks and Hispanics three times more likely to be searched than whites. And the police opened fire on African Americans are twice as likely than white,” said the President.

According to Obama, these data are based on “numerous studies”. Obama expressed the opinion that “all Americans should be concerned about these cases of shooting”.

As reported by the newspaper The Washington Post, police in the performance of official duties in the last six months was shot 491. In the same period last year, police killed 465 people. Thus, the paper captures the increase in deaths of police officers on duty at 6%. This year has also increased the number of incidents captured on camera, from 76 to 105. Less than 10% of all those killed had no weapons, 25% were mentally ill.

The newspaper maintains a database of such cases. As of July 8, it appears the 509 deaths of citizens at the hands of police. Among the dead, the researchers counted 238 whites, 123 blacks, 79 Hispanics, and 69 members of other races, and the identity of the police officers who opened fire, was established only in 194 cases.

In 2014, the murder of a white policeman of a black led to mass riots and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. To restore order in the city had to enter the National guard.