NTV showed a brawl at the U.S. Embassy between a diplomat and a police

The video, which was shown in NTV, is seen the entrance to the American diplomatic representation from Small Konyushkovskaya lane. It was approached by a taxi which left the man and briskly walked to the glass doors. At this point, from the booth near the entrance popped a COP that knocked him to the ground.

After that, the men had for some time fought on the ground, but lying down still managed to crawl into the door and thus, as pointed out by NTV, to be on the territory of the Embassy.

NTV claims that the man knocked down a policeman, was the third Secretary of the political section of the U.S. Embassy Daniel van Dykedom, an employee of the CIA, which in that day was returning from a reconnaissance operation.

Reuters, describing the story of NTV, suggested that the recording was made with a surveillance camera opposite the diplomatic mission. The Agency indicates that the U.S. Embassy has not commented on promptly shown the video.

The first report of a brawl at the entrance to the Embassy appeared June 29 in the column of the journalist of The Washington Post Josh Rogin. He claimed that on the morning of 6 June the American diplomat has attacked the employee of FSB in plain clothes, who broke his shoulder. As a result, the diplomat has left for limits of Russia for emergency medical care.

Later, the Russian version of what happened told the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. According to her, on duty outside the Embassy, police, “to ensure no threats, just wanted to check documents,” however, came “hit guard with an elbow in the face.” “In the ensuing brawl the stranger pushed the security officer and fled to the Embassy,” she said.

Zakharova also said that the diplomat was a CIA officer, who may have wanted to rush to the Embassy incognito and did not show his diplomatic card.