Only a third of the sanatory the experts agreed with the relevant rules of the Central Bank

A third of the banks that now sanitize troubled banks, do not meet the new rules of the Central Bank on such indicators as the financial result. This conclusion was made by analysts RAEX kozhekina of Ludmila, Ruslan Korshunov Stanislav Volkov, in his study “Risks of the banking system: the treatment of sanator”.

In June came into force the instructions of the Central Bank, which establishes requirements for selection of banks to participate in rehabilitation. The new rules apply only to future rehabilitation. One of the conditions for participation in the reorganization is the receipt by a potential investor profit over the last year.

RAEX according to calculations based on the data of Russian accounts on April 1, 2016 (the data take into account the total result of the four previous quarter), 8 of the 12 banks sanator this criterion would not be consistent, because they show a loss. The largest loss of 7.8 billion rubles — showed Absolut Bank (BALTINVESTBANK sanitize), in second place — “Russian capital” (-4.5 bln RUB), the third Bin (-3,7 billion rubles). The smallest net loss of RUB 0.2 billion — from operating in Crimea, RNCB (open Krayinvestbank).

“If the new requirements of the Central Bank spread on applicable of sanator, many would be unable to meet them”, — said the managing Director of RAEX Stanislav Volkov. According to him, the Central Bank has already stated that demanded of sanator not to transfer the problem assets of rehabilitated banks and although formally the new rules do not apply to them, we can assume that the Central Bank will increase the demand for existing sanatory.

The Central Bank has repeatedly stated that the banks-sanatory should not solve their problems at the expense of rehabilitated assets, and the process of restructuring of the banks needs to be changed. For example, in early April, the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina at the Congress of Russian banks Association said that there should not be a situation when the turnaround wants to improve their position at the expense of the rehabilitated banks: it should have additional resources and skills in rehabilitation, building effective appropriate management.

In June an interview with “Vedomosti” Nabiullina said that the regulator has seen some trends where banks sanatory tried on reorganized banks to transfer problematic assets to nedostate reserves, because banks in the reorganization, we were given a reprieve on the formation of reserves. “But this problem is solved: we now seek sanatory that do not allow nedorezannye assets of the nursing home to be transferred to reorganized Bank. Of course, we want to avoid problems when the Bank-sanator not cope with their functions,” she said.

At the end of June, the Central Bank has announced a new scheme of rehabilitation of troubled banks. The regulator will establish a special Fund, proceeds of which will be spend on rehabilitation of banks. Nabiullina said that the Fund will directly enter into the capital of troubled banks and the operational management of the rehabilitated banks may be specially created management company.

“It is possible that if the Central Bank is dissatisfied with the sanator, he will Rob them of failing banks and transfer their newly created Fund,” — said Volkov.

28 banks undergoing financial recovery, the Bank of Russia spent more than 1.5 trillion rubles.