The Cyprus Parliament called for the abolition of sanctions against Russia

Thursday, July 7, the Cypriot Parliament supported a resolution calling on the government to start working with the structures of the European Union over the lifting of sanctions against Russia. The document was submitted by Progressive party of the working people (AKEL) and supported by 33 MPs 17 MPs abstained from voting. The deputies proposed to discuss the removal of retaliatory restrictions on goods from Cyprus. The legislators themselves at the same time promised to restore cooperation with Russia by the inter-parliamentary ties.

According to the text of the resolution (have) the Parliament acknowledges the European sanctions against Russia “counterproductive” and unable to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. Moreover, members noted that “in the context of the current economic crisis” sanctions had a negative impact on trade with Russia and the Cypriot economy as a whole.

According to the FCS of Russia, Cyprus is one of the least important trading partners. In 2014 the trade turnover between Russia and Cyprus amounted to $653 million In 2015, it fell more than twice — to $303 million

“Almost a third of all deposits in the banking system in Cyprus is somehow connected with Russian agencies cooperated closely in a number of industries,” — said the Deputy of the state Duma from “Fair Russia” Alexander Romanovich.

Later on the vote in Cyprus, commented on the Russian foreign Ministry. “Of course, the provisions of this document are Advisory in nature. However, such outcome of the vote reflects the desire of the overwhelming majority of the Cypriot people to the restoration of mutually beneficial economic and trade ties with Russia”, — stated in the Ministry statement.

The Progressive party of working people the largest opposition faction in the Parliament of Cyprus (16 of the 56 parliamentary seats), the movement of Communist orientation.

On the eve of the deputies of the regional Council of Tuscany has also supported the resolution on cancellation of sanctions against Russia, becoming the fourth region in Italy to have such a document. In all cases, the authors of the resolutions were made by politicians, one way or another related to conservative separatist party “Northern League”. As AKEL, and the “Northern League” have a small representation in the European Parliament.