The media called the incident at the U.S. Embassy trying out a scout to avoid arrest

The U.S. Embassy, which on the night of June 6, the incident occurred at the entrance of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Moscow, is indeed a member of us intelligence, who worked under diplomatic cover, the newspaper the Washington Post, citing its sources.

“Two US officials said that the American diplomat is really working undercover for the U.S. intelligence community and had sought refuge at the U.S. Embassy to avoid arrest by Russian security forces who pursued him”, — says the publication. The newspaper notes that the state Department officially this information is not confirmed.

The investigation of the incident began, the US Congress, clarifies the issue.

Earlier, the same newspaper published an article stating that at the entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, an American diplomat was attacked by an undercover FSB officer. The Russian foreign Ministry issued an official statement which said that “there was an attack on performing his duties as a police officer, as confirmed by video surveillance cameras, which have long been transferred to the state Department”.

“We know that this diplomat is actually a CIA officer. That night he disguised, returned after a surveillance operation. And whether strongly was nervous because of this, or just wanted to slip in unrecognized, and therefore did not show his diplomatic card, and when it stopped, she laid hands on me,” — said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

On 7 July, the NTV television channel aired a videotape from a surveillance camera, which shows how events unfolded at the entrance to the American diplomatic representation from Small Konyushkovskaya lane. It shows how this input is pulled up in a taxi, from which emerged the man and briskly walked to the glass doors. At this point, from the booth near the entrance popped a COP that knocked him to the ground.

After that, the men had for some time fought on the ground, but lying down still managed to crawl into the door and thus, as pointed out by NTV, to be on the territory of the Embassy. According to NTV, the man knocked down a policeman, was the third Secretary of the political section of the U.S. Embassy Daniel van Dykedom, an employee of the CIA, which in that day was returning from a reconnaissance operation.

The same version of events previously announced in its statement Zakharova. “On the night of 6 June at the Embassy complex in Moscow was approached by a taxi, which jumped by an unknown man in pulled low over the face of the cap. He rushed to the entrance. Russian policeman on duty there wanted to check the documents of suspicious person, to ensure no threats to diplomatic missions, but that instead the presentation of certificates hit the guard with an elbow in the face. In the ensuing brawl the stranger pushed the security officer and fled to the Embassy,” she said.