The media learned about the IMF forecast the price of oil at $75 a barrel

According to one model developed by the International monetary Fund, by 2020 the price of oil in the world can rise to the level of $75 per barrel, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the working papers of the Fund. This can happen if OPEC will reduce supply by 7 million barrels a day.

“In the case that the supply of OPEC countries will decrease by 7 million barrels a day, OPEC’s market share will be 35% and oil price of 75 dollars per barrel”, — quotes Agency the documents of the Fund, which analyzes different models of development of OPEC. If OPEC will cut its share of the world oil market to 41%, in 2010 oil price will be $58 per barrel, the Agency cites the opinion of the analysts of the IMF.

In their calculations of the IMF comes from the fact that currently OPEC countries supply to the world market 42% of the oil. The review noted that rate OPEC dumping and removal from the market of the American mining companies was not justified.