The us air force has left the Syrian rebels during the battle with IG

Military aircraft of the United States ceased to support the Syrian rebels during an offensive on the militants of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), to carry out the bombing of the more important goals in Iraq. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing American officials familiar with the situation. Information was confirmed by the representative of the US army.

The incident occurred on June 28. The US air force was to provide cover during the attack on the Syrian town of Abu-Kemal. However, in the middle of the operation the aircraft was ordered to leave the area and go to Falluja in Iraq — after Iraqi army recaptured the city, and from there through the desert ran a large column of militants, and the United States decided that it is a “strategic objective”, told the WSJ a us army spokesman Chris Garver.

However, because of this retreat the men had the “New Syrian army”, trained by the Pentagon. As the newspaper notes, the failure of the operation was a strong blow to the strategy of the Pentagon for the training of rebels is able to resist ISIS.

“You have a certain amount of resources and you are trying to get the best results from the spent forces,” — commented on the incident Garver, adding that the us army had to prioritize. He noted that the attack on Abu Kamal continues.

27 and 28 may, the US air force made a mistaken attack on the friendly units of the rebels in Syria. Initially, the Pentagon said that struck tactical units of the IG, however, the leaders of the group “Mutasim” reported that the blow fell on him, and when they fought with the militants. A similar incident occurred in December, when the United States accidentally caused an airstrike on the Iraqi military.

About the complete liberation of Fallujah in the Iraqi army announced on June 26. Also on 17 June the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the victory of government forces over the rebels in this city.